Here are the Best ways to Deal with Indian Skin for Makeup !!

Makeup for Brown Indian Skin | Ways to Deal with Indian Skin for Makeup

Mostly, Indian women have either dusky or wheatish complexion. Makeup is actually one of the most important aspects to complete the overall look of a woman.

The right amount of makeup can either make it or break it. The choice of your make up artist and his/her experience is a huge factor. The choice of products and understanding the taste of the client is all that is required to get the right look.

Our Feministaa Make up Artist pick , Riya Vashist says, “ The foundation you pick for your skin is the most important aspects of your overall make-up. If you get this one wrong, you may end up hating your look so one should always pick a tone lighter than one’s actual skin colour”.  Knowing your skin type is also important, dry or oily. In case, you have an oily skin tone, it is vital to apply a thin layer of translucent setting powder.  Also, remember that the famous branded foundations that get raved about by various influential bloggers might not be the ones suitable for your skin.

Riya also says that one of the most overlooked area for your base is the under eye. Women tend to develop puffiness overtime due to stress and a hectic lifestyle. In order to get rid of this, one should use a concealer which can over the dark patches below the under eye. According to her , one should go for a good brand like ‘Nars’ as it’s a favourite pick amongst the professional make up artists. Don’t always go for brands like Chanel and Dior for your makeup needs.

Professional makeup artists prefer brands like Urban Decay Naked, Bobbi Brown, Krylon and Nars.

Primer is as important as the concealer. So, make sure you apply the primer in order to make the shadow look better and will last longer as well. So, primer is a must if you want your make up to last longer. Riya says, “ In case you have dark skin, avoid using a blush. Bronzer would be a good option in this case. Blush is  not a mandatory tool, you can skip it and still look beautiful.

Lastly, don’t forget to put the Make up sealer. You will be amazed how long will your make up stay, post the application of the sealer.

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