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10 Apps That Every Indian Woman Should Check Out !!

Best App for Women's Safety in India | Apps for Women Safety

Arthur C. Clarke once said that technology is equivalent to magic. It is technology that has made it possible for an abundance of apps to exist. Most of the apps don’t come with a clearly skewed demographic, but there are still plenty of them that are exclusively made for women.

It becomes a challenge then to download the right one that deserves your precious mobile phone space. I have put together a list that pretty much defines a “must download list” of apps for women. Every Indian woman should know the benefits of these apps so that safety is no more a major concern.

Whether it is about your safety, or tracking your menstrual cycle or getting the household chores done through trusted professionals, these apps have you covered!

For women’s safety – Raksha

With the kind of news doing the rounds, the safety of women has become the focus of all discussions and political manifestos. But that shouldn’t stop any of us from travelling alone, working late or simply driving off for a getaway, right? While I regular at all the things I just mentioned, I have to admit there has to be some caution that needs to be practiced as well. Raksha is a part of my android phone and is quite a handy app in this regard. The app has a button which will send alerts to your loved ones, saved on your phone. The alert will include your GPS location which helps them to track where you are. The better part of this app is that even when you are stuck in a non-internet area, you can send an SMS alert. If for some reason you are unable to open the app despite internet service, simply press the volume button for three seconds and the alert message will be sent automatically.

To track your periods – Period Tracker

Amid the hustle bustle of life comes a time every month when life just loses its usual faster pace. For some it is a bigger inconvenience because of the associated pain. While this app can’t do much for that, it can certainly help you track your periods. With just a press of button period tracker logs your dates and calculates the average of the past three months to help you forecast the date of your next period. It can help you track your ovulation cycle and the eight-day fertile window. What’s more? You can also take notes of your mood swings, intimacy and other symptoms.

The journey of pregnancy- Mother’s World

The journey of pregnancy is a unique one, one that a man can never really understand. It is only imperative that an app is especially launched in this domain for smartphones. Launched by Mom&Me, Mother’s world is a personalized pregnancy app which gives you regular updates as your pregnancy progresses. All the information available on the app is endorsed by renowned medical experts.

The health app for you – Lybrate

The fastest growing sector in India is that of health. According to research, the industry size is expected to touch $160 billion by the end of 2017. The rise in awareness has also lead to a rise in facilities which has made the smartphone segment take notice and launch a host of health care apps. One of the many apps that is a part of my phone is Lybrate. It lets you know your nearest doctor, books your appointments, arranges for an online consultation and gives you a host of information on the topics of your interest.

For the voracious reader – Kindle and iBooks

I couldn’t stop at listing just one app in this domain, so I listed two! For all those who have to travel anywhere with a book, either of the apps are a must have. While Kindle taps on the huge repository of books available on Amazon and also has a desktop version, iBooks is gold for all IOS users. It is one of the most visually impressive book reading experience one can have.

For the fashion conscious- Trendabl

Trendabl is the what Facebook and Instagram is for those inclined towards social media. Those who would love to network with fashionistas around the world. Now upload your outfits/look, tag relevant labels and categorize your clothes. You can not only find out the trending fashion but also find out the place you can buy it from.

For that perfect look – Lakme Pro

Your very own real time make up app which gives you a mirror in your camera. The color of lipstick or eye shadow that would suit you, or the proper way to pre your skin, Lakme Pro has it all. The app boosts off over 100 real time cosmetic shades and over 75 pro stylist looks. It also gives you product recommendation as per your skin type and helps you save your looks in the app. With social media links and sharing options in the app, it just makes it a lot easier to share your look with your friends.

For the cook in you – CookWizMe

It takes a lot out of me to come up with a unique breakfast & lunch recipe every morning before shuttling off to work (my husband is responsible for the dinner). CookWizMe comes in handy when you don’t want to answer the perennial question everyday – “What to cook?”. It gives you afresh recipe every day and you can also browse through the recipes that are popular. Available for iphone users as well.

Bills and Budgets- Mint

This app is quite useful in keeping a track on your spending and also set a budget on a periodic basis. Mint also helps you to keep a check on the due dates for easy and timely bill payments.


From a yoga instructor, to a plumber or an electrician. A maternity photographer to an event specialist. A driver to take you around or have your salon appointments in your home. UrbanClap has over 75+ services in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. One of the youngest and fastest growing startups, UrbanClap can make life easy for any woman.

I hope you would consider downloading some of these apps as per your need. From safety to your personal assistant, these apps sure can make your life simpler.


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