Work Couture for Women!

Fashion is not just for the ramp or just for the parties.

As Coco Chanel says, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only, fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”.

So, the Monday morning blues should not affect the way you look at work. Why look boring, when actually prepping up a bit might help you feel cheerful! You should think of adding glamour to everyday work clothes. It’s true that sometimes, you hardly get time to dress up because you are always in a hurry to reach work. But, the way you dress at work also elevates your morale and self-confidence.

So gear up ladies, no more just formal suits at work. There are ways you can look like a diva even at work. Rise from melancholy to majestic.

Hair and makeup

Don’t stick to just open hair or even pinned hair.

When you look at the mirror in the morning, promise yourself that you have to look the best. Not just once in a week, but for the whole week.

This will make you put in a little bit more effort than the usual.

You can try the bun look, or the little twisters on either side, in case of open hair. Also, The prim and proper wet look, by putting all your hair to the back, also looks classy. Try getting this look with the help of hairsprays, which hold the wet look more than just a few hours. Also, make sure your fringes are always pinned to the back. It helps one concentrate on work.

The right kind of makeup at the workplace is very important. You should always stick to shades such as pink and pastels for the blush and eye shadows. Avoid dark colors like brown and blue. You don’t want to look gaudy at your workplace. Stick to a sophisticated nude makeup look and avoid kajal and eyeliner both at the same time. Mascara is a must though as it defines your lashes and makes your eyes look bigger.

Work clothes

A formal suit or a pair of pants and a shirt at the workplace is now passé.

There are options unexplored which will make you worth the second look. Full sleeve midi dresses, or pencil skirts with a broad belt are some of the options you should be open to. High waist loose pants, with tucked in shirt is a look you should get your hands on.

Go for geometrical or floral prints on shirts, as it’s more for the workplace. Show some creativity with your old work clothes. You can add a graphic print scarf to your plain shirt or a classy black leather hairband instead of just open hair. Also, try out the all white look for a formal presentation, its elegant and classy.

Add the nerd glasses to complete this look. Don’t go for dangling earrings or junk jewelry at work; it’s always better to stick to stone studs or simple diamonds.

Bags and shoes

You never have too many bags, just like you never have too many shoes. But, if you don’t have a work tote, then you need to get one.

A workbag should be preferably in leather, as it gives a classy touch. It has to be spacious and have a lot of small slits to store things. For shoes, if you want to wear heels, stick to colors like nude, pastels black or brown. Don’t opt for bold prints on the heels, as it attracts attention to your shoes, which might not be in a positive way. Formal work shoes should always be covered from the front. You don’t want to show your feet to everyone.

It’s not hard to look good, if you have the right advice!

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