Your Latest Fashion Guide to Gym wear

Your Latest Fashion Guide to Gym wear

Languishing on the edges of mainstream design consciousness for far too long, there has been a sudden shift in what we call active wear or in more generic terms ‘gym wear’. The sudden boost in endorphin-fueled sleek workout studios, have made the Watsu pools, hot yoga, Pilates and the Zumba classes, the new high tea.

It’s all about that crunch, squat and plank.

Hitting the gym is the new cool. So, as the pubs are usurped by juice bars and the super clubs morph into the state of-the-art Pilates class, its no sooner than now that fashion sows its seeds on those toned calves running on the treadmill. The athleisure bug has caused a gym anxiety, the symptom being gym-look stress.

Moreover, especially after all those leg stretches, sometimes even the thought of changing into your flannel shirt and faded jeans in the locker room seems too much of an effort, but no fret, the new active wear lines launched by quite a few labels cater to all your palettes to go with that post-workout glow.

Nothing kills your mojo more than monotonous and dull gym clothes and finding the correct balance between comfortable and sexy-enough-to-make-you-want-to-exercise can be quite taxing.

The historic days of the boring old track-pants and jersey t-shirts are long gone. You no longer have to feel conscious of the sweaty, slightly unappealing self you see in the mirror. These latest trends will help you work the gym wear while you work out.

PATTERNED LEGGINGS: hesitant much? Yes, I know printed spandex can go very wrong if you’re not cautious enough but, if played carefully it could lead to a strong gym game. From adding an illusion of increased height to making one look slim (isn’t that our goal, like always), the soft asymmetry of the pattern creates a revamped look, results being modern and cool. Hence, everything from floral and stripes to tie and dye and colour blocking, seems to give way to the fashion-meets-gym bottoms trend.

MESH IT UP: Whether or not you are a fitness devotee, the mesh jackets are making a massive entrance in your wardrobes and they aren’t going to be inconspicuous any time soon. A merely bleah trend earlier, is now reigning over, its urban, its glam, its anything you want it to be. Part functional, part sexy-meet-sporty, this trend adds a fun element to your spin class with that little pick-a-boo effect.

LOW RACER BACK TANK: The most faddish item of Net-a-Sporter, the racer back is the most clichéd piece of clothing, where active wear is concerned. But capsule collaborations of design prodigies like Mary Katrantzou, Stella Mc Cartney,Tom Ford and Givenchy with Adidas, Nike, etc. have extradited the ‘plain and boring’ tag from the tank. To make the sporty cues translatable, especially outside the benched doors of the gym- layer, pop and print. To explain further, layer your tanks, a bra top inside, a jacket on the outside. Wear eye-popping colors and add some cool prints.

ALL WHITE KICKS: Classic white on white designs never fails and adds an airy flair to your everyday workout wear. Just because you’re headed to the gym doesn’t mean you cannot show off. The Adidas Stan Smith’s, Nike Air Max or the Nike Roshe run are so adorbs that they generate an unprecedented level of fondness by the wearer.

Thus, now you’re ready to put your earphones in, blast up your exercise jam and let all that steam out. In a fortnight, when you feel your toned muscles aching, all that ridiculous amount of money you spent on the fancy gym-wear will be totally worth it.


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