Supriya Kachroo Talks to Feministaa About Studytonight

Supriya Kachroo Talks to Feministaa About Studytonight

What is Studytonight ?

At Studytonight, we aim at delivering simple, easy-to-understand Lessons and Courses to help students learn some daunting programming subjects. Our mission is to empower young students to be the Inventors and creators and not just be Job ready. Following this, we introduced our First Interactive Course in Hindi last year and we are working upon taking this forward.

Studytonight offers tutorials and tests for programming subjects like Core Java, HTML, C++, DBMS, Data Structures etc. We have a cool Interactive course for HTML already available free of cost, and very soon we will have Interactive Courses for Java, C++ etc languages as well.

From the Founder herself

One of the things that is really important in my life is fitness; it tends to define and drive a lot of activities that engage in my daily routine like cooking healthy meals, hitting the gym, yoga, dance etc. Not only does this helps me be active and alert, it also helps me keep my routine organised.

I work for Studytonight as the Head of Operations and  I focuss on getting things done on time by our Authors, hiring Interns, Managing  Marketing, Social Media and everything else under the sun.

What’s my Inspiration ?

Saying that “providing easy education to Students in a clean and beautiful way” is what inspired me to start Studytonight would be wrong, as I was not the one who came up with this idea. It was Abhishek Ahlawat and I was the first person with whom he shared the idea, as he knew that I had very strong views about  the situation of education in India. Since then, it has been 3 thrilling years and we are proud that we never had to compromise with our inspiration.

That is what Entrepreneurship is all about – ‘If you feel strongly about a situation and you think that things can be improved without waiting for someone else to fill the empty space, you should gather your tools and begin the never ending journey.’

Talking about how the past 3 years have shaped me, I have a long long list for that. I  have become more patient as an individual and I have also turned into a good listener. Starting a venture, finding solution to all the problems and constantly running around can make one a very patient person.

Being an entrepreneur

Luckily, I haven’t faced any situation as of now where I had to compromise upon anything in life. I love my life and I have been enjoying my life to the fullest, but there is something everyone has to face at various points in their lives. The most important mantra is to do something that you love doing and keep yourself physically fit (I hit the gym everyday and I love dancing), try to stay positive and things will automagically sort themselves out.

Evolving Education Sector in India

Education sector is currently in a difficult phase in our country. Schools have been teaching the same books since decades, Colleges do not focus upon skill development, poor regulations over Educational Institutions, in short we have turned it into business. When it was penned down that Educational Institutes must be non profit organisations, the intentions were noble but due to improper watch over the Education sector, things don’t look very good right now.

Digitalisation had its benefits and websites like Studytonight helps students to learn key programming skills while sitting in their bedrooms. So Yes, digitalisation of courses and overall had helped students learn things easily.

But still, improving the Education system from bottom, is the only perfect solution, rest is just a hot fix.

Taking a small phrase from the book “Education Automation” by R. Buckminster Fuller, he said:

Children aren’t same at chromosomal level, no one is. Then how can our schooling system expect a class of 40-50 kids, all with different nature, to study any particular subject for a fixed duration at a preset time of the day.

Unfortunately, the Time Table is the first thing that we get on the first day of our school. If I am able to convey things correctly, this is the change I look forward to make.

About facing disturbing hurdles, I would say Hurdles – Yes, Disturbing – No. Along side working on Studytonight, I have started another venture named, ‘GoMetroo’.  There was a point when the work was so much and so diverse that it was at times difficult to manage everything. For instance, we had to find taxis and drivers for building the staff for “Go Metroo” . Being a Woman, approaching drivers was a little frustrating due to the inherent nature of our society, which  sees women as the inferior gender. However, how educated we claim our society has become, still we do have people with such mindsets.

Advice to the Future Women Entrepreneurs

Women are very strong, and I believe that once we set a target in our minds, we are hard to break. And Entrepreneurship demands only this, that you do not break until you achieve. However hard the situation may be, beyond ten or twenty failures, there stand Success waiting for you.

“There is no distance you can’t cover, just keep walking.” – Abhishek Ahlawat

No venture is the result of a single mind and we do take inspiration from our surroundings. Our thinking evolves and the success of a product is the result of the hard work of the team. Abhishek and I have worked endlessly for Studytonight and  I consider myself fortunate to be a part of this team.

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