A Must-Watch Feel Good List of Movies For All the Times When You Don’t Feel Worthy

Best Feel Good Movies of All Time | List of Feel Good Movies

The holiday season has almost ended and most of us are back at work, navigating through daily life struggles and trying to make the most of our days. But with the holiday-hangover and the surge of the work-pressure building, all of us are allowed to have our fair share of bad days, when nothing works out or everything manages to go haywire, making us wonder, are we even worth anything? And for some of us, bad days can stretch to a bad week or a month, heck even a year(and that’s okay too)! Hence, we just had to come up with a list of feel-good movies for all the times when you don’t feel worthy enough.

Our list of Feel-good movies depicts a number of super-women who faced adversities through and through and yet their sheer will and strength spoke louder as they saw their fortunes turning around. We believe our list of movies will work as a cathartic journey for you and the inspiring yet quite relatable storylines will give you enough motivation to take on the world. So grab a blanket, and a cup of hot chocolate and let the binge-watching begin!

Margarita With A Straw

Kalki Koechlin’s portrayal of Laila, a teen suffering from Cerebral Palsy turned a large number of eyeballs after the movie, directed by Shonali Bose, was released in 2015. The central idea behind the movie is that Laila is suffering from cerebral palsy, but she is not necessarily constrained by it. Her constant struggle to fit into the “normal” world while she faces one struggle after another, be it regarding her question of sexuality, or the loss of a family member, and the final message from Bose where we see Laila, in a date with herself takes the audience through a journey of accepting your own self. A must- watch we say.

I Feel Pretty

Sometimes our biggest enemy, the biggest source of our setback resides in our own head, telling us constantly we are not worth it, we don’t deserve happiness and so on! This movie is a beautiful take on the issue that self-confidence can make all the difference. The movie which has been broadly accepted as a satire on American body-image shows the protagonist, Renee’s amazing transformation in the second half of the movie after she got hit on her head which surprisingly made her see herself from a completely different view. The movie ends in making us believe, self-confidence is a crucial part in finding happiness.

Mary Kom

In just a span of over seven years, the name Mary Kom has become a source of influence for young girls in India. Mary Kom, hailing from a small village of North-East India, did not only win worldwide acclamations to make India proud, her story is also renowned as one of the biggest examples of women be it from any background, can achieve the impossible if they hold on to their will and get just a bit of support as most of them are not able to afford the resources. The film comprising Priyanka Chopra’s powerful performance as Mary Kom, lends a strong impact and we say, to uplift your mood, this movie may do the trick.

Lipstick Under My Burkha

Directed by Alankrit Srivastava, Lipstick Under My Burkha went through a huge wall of protests even before it was released. The gritty story, depicting four protagonists, coming from different background, lie, cheat and get sucked in a lot of dramas just to live their authentic lives, to express their sexual desires or to explore their true selves. The story features most of the common boundaries which the Indian women have to face to lead their day-to-day lives; it also successfully depicts how little women in India get the chance to explore their sexual self. We say, invite your girls for a sleepover and get ready to relate.

Dum Laga Ke Haisha

Dum Laga Ke Haisha came as a fresh breeze in Bollywood, finally giving us a film where the age-old body image (read body constraint!) of female heroines is put to rest. Sandhya (Bhumi Pednekar) does not only win the millions of hearts of spectators through the film, but it has also been highly acclaimed by the movie critics owing to the extremely credible storyline of the film. We say if you have not watched this film already, put this in a must-watch list.

English Vinglish

The heart-rending and touching tale of Sashi, a middle-class woman/wife/mother, the very identities that have confined her for a large span of her life, goes through a spin when she finally confronts her one big weakness of not speaking English fluently and takes on the challenge to overcome it. Sridevi’s heart-warming and a really believable performance with Gauri Shinde’s direction, contribute a great deal to the movie and the result is an impact on the audience which is empowering and inspiring at once.

Tumhari Sulu

Call me biased but in Vidya Balan, I keep my faith and Tumhari Sulu is one of many examples where she has bowled us over, with a deeply connected performance with the audience. Sulu’s down to earth qualities, her ability to navigate through her not-so colorful life with joy and enthusiasm, restores our faith that we may not need a lot to be “happy”. Pick this delightful movie when you are in dire need to restore your faith in simple things of life and tell us, all the reasons that you love Vidya Balan for!

 Secret Superstar

Secret Superstar may not be the most critically acclaimed film of the year but Insiya (Zaira Wasim, also popularly known as the young Geeta Phogat from Dangal), delivers a strong performance by reflecting the teen’s struggle to pursue her passion against the odds, the strong emotional bond that she shares with her mother and most importantly her stubborn will to chase her dreams till the end. Advait Chandan’s film as his debutant writer and director work has been successful in binding the story to its core message, despite having many subplots involving Insiya and her mother Najma (Meher Vij), the film ends up evoking a feel-good factor in the mind of the audience.


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