An Open Letter to the Admirers of “Pyaar Ka Punchnama”

It’s true that we all  had a good laugh after watching the movie, ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ . Let us not forget the ultimate dose of laughter, experienced post Rajat’s rant, criticising girlfriends and their demands. It might have made you laugh at first, but think deeper and you will realise that it was more insulting than it was funny.

Stereotyping the image of a “typical girlfriend” by showing three confused women is not correct .

Here is an open letter from a loving girlfriend who is offended by this “stereotypical image of a girlfriend”

I do not demand a bodyguard or a walking ATM:

Sticking to boys for security either physically or financially is not the motto of every girl out there. I very well know how to be my own ATM card by getting a job and spending my own hard earned money. If I choose to change my relationship status for a guy, it’s simply because I love him and not to make use of his wealth. That’s not what every girl wants, it’s totally subjective and based on an individual’s moral ground. If I need a bodyguard or a servant or a driver, I would be happy to employ one rather than choosing a guy who has ulterior motives in exchange of these services. Although, there exists a part of the society consisting of girls who are shallow, money-minded and materialistic but not all are the same.

When has a man ever satisfied all her wants without something in return ?

The only man who will agree to all my wants is my father. It’s a fact which no one can dare to deny.  Boyfriends always have their own selfish motives to date a girl whether its her good looks, her finances or her attractive self. Life is different when you are in a marriage. How can we ignore the instances of abusive relationships which exists between couples mainly because he can’t handle the work stress and he prefers to blow it out on his wife?

It always involves a give and take, whether it’s love or sex. A man wants what a man wants.

So you think love is all about us being selfish ?

I don’t want to snatch away your wallet and empty it to buy things. I’d rather earn the money myself. Neither do I want you to talk me to sleep. If I call you early mornings or late at night, it’s only because I know you are there when I need you. I am not interested in knowing what you do every second of your life, but I am sensitive enough to ask you if you are okay or not, and not act careless about your existence. If I say “ I love you”, I mean it and show it, unlike some cowards.

You still don’t get the meaning of feminism !!

If I ask you not to dominate me over my choice of clothes, this is because I have every right to exercise my freedom. You are not born with the right to cut my calls and neither am I insecure of your friendships with other girls. I am capable of identifying the difference between a boyfriend and a best friend.  If you get late for work, then set your alarm right, don’t blame me. In case you were going to die, I surely won’t ask you why, where, what and how? Rather, I will come to your rescue.

I don’t speak ill of your parents just because they are not mine !!

Be it a boy or a girl, every child considers their own parents to be the best in the world. So, don’t blame me for treating my parents as my idols , because you do it no differently. I am not disrespectful towards the elderly, but what is wrong is wrong and I choose to speak about it rather than getting suffocated. Every one has the right to speak and share their thoughts. If you can’t stand the truth, it’s not my problem. Learn to accept and respect other’s opinions rather than making it a controversy.

Your Loving Girlfriend


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