Attention !! Here are the New and Improved “First Date” Rules

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It was my first date for my new year and I felt lucky. But little did I know that my luck wouldn’t last that long. I met him through a common friend at the New Year’s Eve Party. How typical is that! Two days of chatting day and night and he asked me for a date. He works at a well-known company in Gurgaon and is fairly good-looking but thats something which is not of utmost importance to me.

Moving ahead from that rather disappointing night (for various reasons), I ponder today sitting at my desk whether I’m really responsible for my single status (that’s what my BFF tells me) or is there is a dearth of dateable men? I say this because there are certain things which were ultimate turn offs. And no, there is no sexual connotation involved here.

Things have changed and I would want men to know that the first date rules are not the same as before. Women have a much wider mindset now and its time that men accept it and move forward.

I don’t need anyone to pull out the chair for me.

I mean it is as simple a task as it is for the opposite sex! If we can bring a human being in this world, we can surely pull the chair for ourselves!!

Please split the bill.

What’s with the whole drama of not asking a woman to pay on the first date? Like seriously? I’m independent and I don’t need a favour. Although, its considered to be utmost courteous of the guy to ask, but its not a mandatory rule and men should get over it . This is a date and the main purpose is to get to know each other better and not the very first instance where I’ll be indebted to pay you back for my drink/meal.

Why “ladies first”?

I can enter through the door after you. It’s not as if you are opening the doors for heaven. There are plenty who open the doors for hell as well, at least metaphorically!

I am  not an obsessive question master

I know there are a lot of women who on the contrary, want just the opposite of what I said. They don’t realise that they are the main reasons why women get stereotyped as “that crazy girlfriend”, “the attention-seeking one” or the one “after his money”. I don’t want to know your boxer’s colour or the time you take your bath. I have a life and I don’t want to know the tiniest details from your daily routine.

You don’t need to agree with me on everything

Nodding your head on each and everything that I say is not what I want. I’m not perfect and nobody is. I might not know a lot of things which you might excel in but, you can at- least make some evident effort to show that you respect my work.

Undeniably every woman knows the definition of “the typical girlfriend”. She might deny that she is not “one of them”, but she is and she knows it. Judge me if you want, but this is the truth. The reason why boys run away from relationships is not because men are from mars and women are from venus. It is because  sometimes over expecting and over demanding nature is the biggest turn off for men and this makes them repulsive towards commitments. The age-old stereotype of a nagging girlfriend or wife exists because there is actually someone out there who behaves in the exact same way.

Dear future date/boyfriend , don’t shower me with your gestures or as you say ‘etiquettes’. Give me an indication that we are like minded and mature, primarily intellectually and trust me, I will ask for your availability for the next date.


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