The Delhi Bride Says…

The Delhi Bride Says…

With a lethal amalgamation of the Marwadis, the punjabis and the sindhis, the delhi society is synonymous with the “bling society”.

The jewellery, the designer clothes and the swaroski clutches complete the wardrobe of any Delhi girl. She cannot leave the house without her set of Macs lipsticks and the latest Bobby Brown powder kit in her limited edition bag . Her Social commitments do need a planner and she juggles them like a boss. This is the Delhi girl, soon to be the Bridezilla.

Haters gonna Hate but she’s got style like no other

Her wedding is her biggest project. From the roka to the youngsters to the cocktail and finally to the wedding. She has to attend dinners to make sure all the relatives of the groom’s family are in awe of her by the time she gets married. She has to attend exhibitions to make sure that she has attained the zenith of the latest trends in her jaw dropping elaborate trousseau. Her jewellery is not from Delhi, she chooses only the best . She will fly to either Calcutta or Jaipur to buy from the finest jewellery designers. Her choice will match the latest in Bollywood, which could be Aishawarya’s collection in Devdas or Deepika’s enchanting pieces from Bajirao. Her taste in  jewellery is heavily influenced by the best in Bollywood.

The Delhi Bride is no doubt a Bollywood fanatic.

How can a Delhi wedding surpass without a Pre Wedding shoot. Yes, thats always on the check list. Picking up the most romantic songs in bollywood and placing  themselves in the background of a royal palace or a garden. This is important even if they end up making a fool of themselves. The pre wedding shoot could even be an outstation affair, either Jaipur, Agra or Udaipur.

Its has to be royal ,romantic and rich.

The wedding card is a like a cover to the wedding. It has to be a big lavish box with the best of sweets. The box should be able to say for itself whether it will be a grand wedding or a small affair. If its simple, it could be directly proportional to the wedding being simple, so louder the card, bigger the perception. The location of the function has to be upscale more like a lavish farmhouse or a five star property with two banquets on hold,  because grandeur is what delhi people love the most.

A combination of a Lavish decor with flowers nothing less than imported orchids and white lilies along with performers from the latest winners of a talent show  , topped up with the beats of a popular Bollywood DJ are the basic ingredients to a successful Delhi wedding. Oh yes, how can we forget the unlimited alcohol flowing until at least 4am. Also, the quality of the alcohol could be a matter of judgment. Mandatory premium liquor and to top it up , Jägermeister and Patron are the youngster’s favourite. The time the party will finish is an indicator of the how epic it was . If people do not get mad drunk, then something is wrong.

Alcohol defines the wedding success meter for any Delhi wedding. After all, ” punjabis know how to drink it up”

The Delhi Bride is the biggest romantic. She obviously wants to do a solo for her boy. Her choice of song is the latest on the trending music chart which can help her flaunt her love for him in the most cheesy way. She just loves cheesy, thats what Delhi weddings do the best. The dance practice marathon is a trailer to the Sangeet, she wants it all to be perfect. The level of excitement and enthusiasm at the dance practices is like a wedding madness meter detector. The friends have to get drunk and learn their way to the thumkas. The Sangeet is like a show which ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. Suddenly, everyone wants to dance, from the kids trying to show off the “Shamak” moves to the aunties who think their day is finally here to prove it. All of them just want to be on the stage.

What they all want is just a few minutes of fame in front of their friends and family.

A Delhi Wedding is a mad party full of ultimate “desiness”. The length of the baraat and the time its enters the venue is a crucial topic for the boy’s family. It has to be a long ass baraat with active participation from all close family members and friends. The Dhol wala is always the biggest beneficiary during the baraat and the amount of money he collects during the baraat could be sufficient enough to buy him liquor for the entire month. Throwing money on every song is what the punjabis love to do and its a tradition which no one can break.

And coming to the food, only A-list catererers please. The rating of a Delhi wedding is accredited by the quality of  food . If the food was great, the wedding is a sure shot hit.  Since the love for food amongst the delhi people is something we all know about, the final decision maker is the variety and the quality of food along with the presentation. The caterer has to be a well known name or post wedding,  “the bad thai curry” could be the favourite topic of the bitchy kitty party aunties.

A Delhi wedding definitely sets some high standards and no matter what you say and where you go, the Delhi Bridezilla will make sure her wedding is nothing short of a fairytale.

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