Manya Jha on Perseverance & Chasing Dreams with Morphedo

“If a woman wants to achieve her dreams, she can really make it happen.” 

Founder and Chairperson of Morphedo, Manya Jha says “ a woman has to be relentless, confident and a badass” to turn her dream into a reality.”

Manya is a serial Entrepreneur who thrives on her untamed spirit to make it happen everyday. She contests that if you don’t believe in your dream then how can you transform them into a reality. Her venture, Morphedo, started out as a 3D Printing product and services startup. But now it has established itself as a successful statement of her hard work and resilience. Morphedo aims to make India self-reliant by bridging gaps in the industries with their services.

“Our people make us. They are the ones driving it.”

Every entrepreneur understands the importance of having a strong and reliable team to achieve success. Manya says that her team and people who run Morphedo are its backbone. “We drive each other,” she adds profoundly by admitting that every member of Morphedo is like a family and they make each other feel at home with a sense of belonging.

“What matters is whether you quit or you continue. The pause does not matter at all, how long it takes doesn’t matter at all, whether you stick to it matters.”

Manya firmly believes luck is manifested with hard work and persistence. She says it doesn’t matter how long it takes to achieve your goal as long as you don’t lose its sight. Never give up and try hard each day even when all odds are against you because the throne of success is cushioned with life lessons, unplanned pauses and perseverance. 

Watch the video to find out how this badass entrepreneur built her empire!

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