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Being at Peace is the Ultimate Goal | Malini Banerjee

“Most of us start doing things that we love from the time we’re very young.”

Singer Malini Banerjee is beautifully soulful when she talks about peace, self-love and being authentic, a reflection of her own personality!

She says how often we tend to gravitate towards things that catch our fancy. Tracing her own musical journey beginning at the age of 3, she says how that’s essentially when children start experiencing things outside of alphabets. Why her 3-year-old self chose singing, she can’t really explain but eventually, she chose it because she was good at it. It was a very natural choice. But then she realized how singing actually gave her peace.

To explain her point, she quotes Prerna Langa, who was a panelist in an event called Roar, especially her views on success.

“Prerna Langa made a very interesting point about how it means different things to different people at different stages of life.”

In that context, she traces her own journey that began from working on Television. Then for her things like quick money and the thrill of being in a newsroom, made her happy and for her, that was being successful.

“Eventually as I grew older, as I lived more, as I experienced more, I figured that success is about being at peace.”

Whether it is happiness, sadness, money, relationships, etc, everything comes and goes but what we really retain is peace. She experienced that same peace in music.

“I was so blessed that I had a voice.”

She says how music gives peace to everybody, from the performer to the listener.

“Here I was with this talent where I could sing, so I could just be at peace all the time if I wanted to be.”

She says that she was smart enough to realize that she had this ocean of peace that she could tune into and she did. That’s why she does what she loves right now.

Talking about living in a ‘constant process of evolution’, Malini talks about how our emotions change with time.

“Time changes us so we react differently to external stimuli.”

“We are all a different version of ourselves every morning when we wake up.”

She talks in examples effortlessly explaining her visions.

“I like to talk in examples because I’ve figured that it is easier for people to relate to things that happen in real life.”

She draws from her experience moderating a panel on “Is Social Media Reel or Real?” at Roar, where three significant women from different fields had a social media popularity that was close to connecting with about a million audience, which was a contrast to her own.

“I could’ve felt inferior, nervous, unsure of am I good enough to ask them questions?”

She explains, but because she is sure of herself and harbors a deep sense of self-love, that things such as these, doesn’t trigger her.

“This is the sort of self love all of us need to have. Because if we don’t, we are constantly going to be in this process of, I’m not good enough.”

This creates a situation of continuous self-pressurizing.

“Under pressure, performing is impossible. And you will never be able to hit your true potential.”

The idea is acceptance of the self wholly. When we do, we are more confident about our actions and we perform our best. She says how life will happen whether we want it to or not. We just have to do the best that we can.

“You will be able to do the best that you can, only if you are the best that you can be.”

This will only happen when we love ourselves completely and truthfully.