Going Back is Sometimes the Best Way Forward | Meha Kapoor

“The good or the bad thing about my job is, I don’t know who’s listening to me.”

Describing her experience of hosting the ‘morning show’ in a romantic music station, FM Ishq’s Radio Jockey, Meha Kapoor explains, “I can pick up the smallest of inane pain points of my life to the biggest challenges of the country and theworld, and humanize them.”

She says that she can deface them and make them relatable. With a funny take on the same, she can even make people laugh while they go to work. In her show-time span of 7-11 AM every day, people come and go. The trick is to maintain anoverarching context to whatever your current state of mind is.

“You have to not only sound like you are welcoming the new listener but also you have to maintain a connect with whatever you were saying earlier.”

While however, she says, the greatest challenge is to retain one’s self-confidence. Most often, one is prepped to feel confident while doing their job. It does take a certain amount of prior preparation for evoking this confidence.

“You can’t predict what will hit you from the external world. If there’s ever a backlash, allow yourself that moment to breathe and revive that courage of conviction, so that you go back to your normal level of confidence.”

The idea is to process over and over in our minds and remind ourselves, we are who we are. We are still the same person before our brush with negativity.

“Remind yourself of whom you basically are. That’ll help you then equip yourself to then carry forward.”

Experience teaches us that in reality, it is an imperfect world. Practically, we only experience things from time to time. Only when we really experience it, we know how to handle it. The best way then is to get back to the basics. We should then remind ourselves of our strengths, as only we know best. Then, pick up from there.

“We are caged in a world of stereotypes. We are also privileged in this very world to find our voice.”

We all have intellect; we can afford to think for ourselves. We have to use that voice within us, for furthering our careers, our lives and mentally evolve; all the while not letting the world pull us down. She says if we are capable of holding onto that, then it is an act of rebellion.

“You don’t have to go against anyone else, you just have to go in your own favor.”

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