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“To wander is to be alive’’

There is nothing more soothing than the smell of the wet sand, the buzz of the local streets, the traditions of a new culture, the flavours a different cuisine and the melody of a new language.

Travelling solo is as enthralling as any beautiful experience in the world. There is something truly liberating about travelling solo. It’s like being a master of your own thoughts and stepping out of your comfort zone, while experiencing absolute freedom. It’s about discovering oneself and making life more meaningful by adding new dimensions and vibrant colours of rich experiences gained through travelling the world.

There are several movies that buck up women to travel alone:

Wild (2014)

Travel far enough, you meet yourself

Burdened with all the misfortunes in her life, Cheryl was frustrated with her life; decides to  trail all alone which fortifies her and finally heals her. During the trip, she grieves for her mother and decides that she will go on a hike on the PCT. She believed that this experience will help her heal her wounds. With no hiking experience, she travels for about 1100 miles. It was a truly fascinating journey which she undertakes and finally comes in peace with herself.

Eat, pray and love (2010)

Elizabeth Gilbert had everything what she ever wanted, still she is not at peace with herself. This was the time when she decided to move out of her long relationship with her husband and takes up something which makes her feel self fulfilled. Finally,  she decides to challenge herself by deciding to visit three places all by herself. She heads to Italy where she rediscovers her love for food and then to India where she discovers her spiritual side and finally to  Bali, where she finally finds inner peace and true love.

The Holiday

Iris Simpkins is a proficient writer and columnist with a leading newspaper in London. She is in love with this boy named Jasper for three years despite knowing about his infidelities. She finally decided to break up with Jasper, when she finds out that he is allergy engaged and had been cheating on her. At the same time, another character named, Amanda Woods in Los Angeles discovers that her boyfriend has cheated on her and she was left heartbroken. They both meet each other online and decide to swap their homes to get a change of scenery for themselves. During these holidays, their lives change take a sharp turn and they both find a new romance.


A young woman decides to go on a 1700 mile trek across the sandy deserts of Australia along with four camels and her faithful dog. During the journey, she met a few people who added to the magic. The film is a true depiction of how she attempted to celebrate and explore loneliness while finding the true spirit of heroism in the lone figure of a camel lady.


Rani Mehra, played by a superb Bollywood actress, is a young girl who was born and brought up in a conservative Indian family. Unfortunately, she got ditched by her fiancé on the day of her marriage. Shattered and frustrated with her life and the incident, Rani decides to undertake most unlikely decision of her life, by deciding to go on her honeymoon alone. During the journey, she met some great people and she discovers a new side to herself, who is confident and strong. Her trip proved out to be a journey of self discovery and her outlook towards life changes completely.


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