Dear Politician, Please Keep Quiet.

Dear Politician, Please Keep Quiet.

A lot has been said. A lot has been heard. It’s high time that we come out of our state of obliviousness to the grim darkness of ‘legislations’ for women that are being laid down by people, who unfortunately have been chosen by us.

We have given to ourselves these people who make us go ballistic on every odd and even date. Norms are being laid, and boundaries are being created for womankind, which has time and again given befitting replies, which were no less than tight slaps across the faces of these lunatic men AND WOMEN.

Some of the comments made by our dear politicians are so irksome that they make me question our existence in the 21st century. The moment you open your mouth in sheer flabbergast, another cheap remark will open your mouth wider than you ever thought it could be. But none of these comments has ever been the last straw! Coz irrespective of what is happening vis-a-vis bars they are actually supposed to raise; they are everyday falling to new levels of shamelessness and are successfully raising the bar of idiocy.

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You might debate that these out of the world deplorable remarks are mere publicity stunts performed by people who couldn’t make it as big in the political arena as they had envisaged. Probably it could fetch them a role in Bigg Boss season 10, given the fact that the show would feature common men this year? But then, Mr. Mulayam Yadav, a very senior political figure from the Samajwadi Party, who needs no introduction at all, stood tall against you by opposing the call for stringent laws against rape saying “Ladke to ladke hain. Galti ho jati hai”.

In fact, Mr. Yadav is a ‘serial sinner’ when it comes to objectifying women. “Bade ghar ki ladkiyan aur mahilaaon ko fayda milega. Humari gaon ki gareeb mahilaaon ko nahin. Akarshak nahi hoti…” was his argument in disfavor of the Womens’ Reservation Bill in 2010.

India has progressed immensely. But in India, progress is synonymous with corruption, and progression to 20s for a girl is synonymous with “ghar basana” and showing the 60 year old mother in law the faces of her grandchildren before her tormented soul can peacefully depart to what theists call heaven.

Even if YOU don’t believe that, that’s exactly what the Chief Minister of Goa, Lakshmikant Parsekar and our super efficient PM, Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi (who apparently found it inappropriate to let the world know about his wife) want us to believe. In 2014, while addressing a rally in Varanasi’s Jayapur, Modi, in his overdramatic tone, said, “If we kill girl child in the mother’s womb, then what will happen to the world. If only 800 girls are born against 1000 boys, then 200 boys will remain unmarried.” After all, who, rather WHAT are women? Women are just baby producing machines who by no decree have the right to live and make a life for themselves, right?

In 2015, Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar told protesting nurses to not stage a hunger strike in the sun as it could ‘ruin their marital prospects’. If Priyanka Chopra’s “I don’t need a man for anything but children” sparked controversy and sparked a chingari in the mard in you, so should this.

Every Indian woman counts among the list of Indian women achievers. Every individual is an achiever in his or her own way. Inspiring women entrepreneurs are motivating startup women entrepreneurs to write their own Indian women inspirational stories and add their story to the unending book of success stories of women entrepreneurs.

Now, as should be already clear, feminism does not, rather, should not discriminate between men and women. Going by that, women passing anti-women abhorrent remarks, too, should face the wrath of society.

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The very fact that these politicians are not aliens, but people from our very own society, is a disturbing testimony to the fact that we have been bred extremely bad over the years. If the people who represent us, themselves are like this, what can we expect from the ordinary citizen? If we cannot recognize the top inspiring women for the exemplary work they have done, but for the appearance she has, there is definitely something wrong with this society. Riots over religion and fights over intolerance are nowhere close to the importance associated with the cause for women. It’s time we set our priorities right.

You might proudly enunciate “Bharat mata ki jai”, but can Bharat Mata say the same for you? Or does she have to ask you “Ghar me maa behen nahi hai?”

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