Why Water Is My New Found Best Friend !!

Why Water Is My New Found Best Friend !!

At some point of time you must have been told by the  dietician  that you should have at least 8 cups of water every day. Water is one of the most important requirements for your body.

But have you ever wondered as to why water is so necessary for your body ? Have you tried out to figure it out for yourself ? Have you ever thought about the consequences that your body will face in case you avoid having appropriate quantity of water everyday ? If not, think now, as water has several benefits which you might not be aware of !

  • Dry Skin

Dry Skin can be a result of a lack of water supply in your body. Dry skin is usually the most suggestive sign of dehydration which results in problems like lack of sweat resulting in not washing away the dirt from your body. Thus, you should have enough water everyday in order to keep your skin smooth and gentle.

  • Ageing but too soon

Its true that one doesn’t live to be young forever. At some point of time, mostly in the early thirties, signs of ageing start to appear. However, if you fail to drink enough water daily, then you might face ageing sooner than expected. This is because the lack of water in our body hastens the process of ageing and the amount of water in the body automatically decreases with age. So if you don’t want to look older than your actual age, start drinking ample amounts of water right away!

  • Preventing diseases

Water is essential for normal body functioning. It helps your kidneys function properly and even prevents constipation. If one does not drink enough water, then you might even suffer from kidney stones. Appropriate water intake helps in getting rid of the bodily toxins. When we don’t drink enough water,  the colon pulls water from stools in order to maintain the hydration levels resulting in constipation.


  • Makes your skin glow


One does need to drink sufficient amount of water to help the skin breathe properly. Water makes the skin glow as once the body is properly hydrated, the kidneys function properly and excrete excess fluids,  resulting the skin to shine.

  • Boosts up muscle energy

When cells are not able to get the necessary amounts of water, the balance of fluids and electrolytes shrivel, resulting in muscles to fatigue. Thus, it is essential to drink enough water while exercising. Doctors also suggest that while exercising, one should start drinking fluids early and continue drinking at regular intervals.

Just like the earth, around 70 percent of our body is filled with water.  Drinking enough water should be included in your priority list. Water also helps in losing weight and can be used to substitute higher calorie beverages. Staying hydrated serves as an appetite oppressor and helps in losing weight.

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