Do You Know About the Different Shades Of Love !!

There are many words in the dictionary of Love, which we may or may not use in our day to day lives . Here are some of the words which might be difficult to pronounce but you would love to know the meanings of. Check them out and add them to your daily dictionary.

1. Basorexia: the overwhelming desire to kiss

2. Philophobia: the fear of falling in love

3. Skinny love: when two people love each other but are too shy to admit it, yet they show it anyway

4. Crush: a burning desire to be with someone whom you find very attractive and extremely special

5. Cingulomania: a strong desire to hold a person in your arms

6. Wonderwall: someone you find youself thinking about all the time, the person you are completely infatuated with.

7. Sapiosexual: one who is attracted to or aroused by intelligence in others

LOVE: A form of amnesia when a girl forgets that there are 3 billion other boys in the world.


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