Witchcraft Is For Real!

Witchcraft Is For Real! - Lets Unveil Some Well Know Facts

The world we live in is full of stereotypes and taboos. We all are aware of the immensely controversial term, ‘Witch’. Some call them dead souls while some others call them living goddesses, some say they’re evil souls trapped in human bodies and some say they’re people with mental disorders and some conclude they’re something on a phenomena in between. In most cases, it’s an abuse!

Lets unveil some well know facts which might interest you.

In medieval India, women especially the widows and the old faces of the gender, were victimized, accused and killed for witchcraft and practising black magic.  According to Wikipedia, Black magic involves the supposed invocation of evil spirits for evil purposes whereas Witchcraft means believing in and practising magical skills and abilities.

Someone performing Witchcraft, could have either good or bad intentions.

Witches, also known as daayans or churails were considered to be the female supernatural beings who fed upon the human flesh but just the male flesh. They were responsible for cursing people and families, through ill sacrifices or “mantras”. Some even say that they were nothing but bad souls or the unsatisfied ones.

Sadly, the fact that people made them evil doesn’t mean that they were actually bad creatures. Like one is facing just the silver part of the mirror, what about the opaque one? Humans have always portrayed a woman either as a witch or a goddess. Well, aren’t these the two faces of the same coin?

Most of us are not aware that these creatures worshipped Goddess Durga and Kali and some were even called their descendants!

Just because they were witches aka supernatural beings, doesn’t mean they were always harmful to humans. From the superheroes to the Gods, all of them were products of the supernatural, but it’s about categorising. We worshipped and praised them.  Women exercising witchcraft also involved those who had the power to heal and cure those who were unhealthy.

It  is amazing how we always make a boundary of observations and conclusions without doing our research right . Let’s take a simple example of Angelina Jolie’s 2014 movie ‘Maleficent’ where she has portrayed the ‘good side’ of a witch and changed the entire concept of witchcraft. She was the one who saved princess Aurora of ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Well its time to change our perspective towards fairytales and think twice about why the fairies are the ‘good ones’ and the witches, the ‘bad ones’. Everything has a reason behind it.  Ispita Roy Chakraverti , a famous Weccan priestess declared herself a witch in the 1900s. She studied Witchcraft and administered in Wiccan ways to heal people of India.

Here is an unspoken phrase from her:

I am She – I rise with the storm

I was killed- now I am born

On the winds of revenge

Blood, lust and greed, I will avenge.

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