Dumb Girls Are Attractive!

Dumb Girls Are Attractive!

If it is stupid, but if it works, it isn’t stupid!

Mercedes Lackey

Do dumb women attract men? Or the truth lies in the fact that it makes them feel superior ? Is being dumb the new trend ?

We often notice that some women get away with a lot of things in life by pretending to either “acting” dumb or by actually behaving dumb. That gives them a free way to get out of many situations. But, its absurd that one thing which could be a big turn off, sometimes acts to their biggest advantage. The bigger question is that why do some guys find being dumb synonymous to be ” being cute ” ?

Alia Bhatt doesn’t know who is the Prime minister or the President of India. She was ridiculed and embarrassed on national television a lot of times but a survey suggests that men tend to appreciate this as her “cuteness” quotient. Logically, not knowing the answers to some of the basic questions,  which a 10 year old would know, doesn’t sound “cute”. The law of attraction tends to bend its rules for a good face. If a good looking girl asks a dumb question, it is not to be taken seriously because it has been compensated by her “cuteness”.

The first impression does have it’s benefits.

No matter how much one says, that there has to be more than just a face, but it all starts with the face initially. Attraction always revolves around an attractive face. Mostly men think that they should be with women, who are less smarter than them! And when someone actually acts dumb, it just reiterates the whole point. For men, dealing with every confrontation becomes a lot more easier! Of course, many of them,  carry out their usual shenanigans where the girls are unaware of what’s happening.

A lot of this psyche is to do with an instant ego boost which makes men feel superior in every way

Superiority in the urban language is defined by possession of an intellectual mindset along with the feeling of a “know it all attitude”. That is a reason why guys cannot deal well with girls who are super brainy and can argue them out of a conversation. That makes the boys feel inferior and they are left with an ego downfall. There is a fine line between “acting smart” and actually “being smart”. When guys find out that the girl is actually smart, they find it hard to carve out their selfish motives, whether its for “sex” or any other reason they want to hang out with her for.

Another plausible explanation which can console the boys would be if they are convinced that, “acting dumb” is the new trend.

One could never imagine that trends could take such a downfall that even “being dumb” could be perceived as a trending behavioural reaction.

Asking questions out of the blue and taking the conversation way off topic is a great way of grabbing attention. Some girls are in dire need of grabbing attention all the time and if a small dumb story or an irrelevant comment could give them temporary joy, then why not ? In this case, guys just play along by being all supportive and mushy about how cute and innocent she is!


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