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First Date Makeup

First Date Makeup

The First Impressions!

Are you going through first date butterflies? Well, fret not! Step up your game with some trendy makeup and hairstyle tips to help you sail through your first meet with that special someone.

Girls, just putting a lot of thought into first-date wardrobe choices is definitely not enough, an effortless look for the face is equally vital. So here’s how you can put a natural, flawless best face forward.

Firstly, make sure you have a naturally radiant skin. So eat healthy juices, salads and fish for that easy glow. As for the face, get your cleansing, moisturizing, anti-aging, radiance boosting serum and revitalising face mask, skincare regimen in place. Wear your SPF daily and stay hydrated at all times. Get your hair spa sessions in order so you are left with a shining crowning glory. Sleep well, just like women health and fitness blogs suggest, so you don’t look tired or develop dark under-eye circles or acne prior to the date.

Remember not to have a dramatic change of hairstyle or colour before your date, simply wash & have a lovely blow dry.

Prep your eyes by popping in some eye-drops to make sure they are sparkly. One word of caution do not over-do the lip gloss or do not go over-board with the eyes. Also always remember, avoid touching-up makeup or your hairdosteer clear of powdering your nose or re-applying lipstick/gloss or doing up your hair in front of your date may destroy the idea of natural and may seem a tad bit high-maintenance.

Girls, you must also go easy on the makeup. Remember to enhance your best features, so leave the drama behind! Remember, less is definitely more. The more diligent you are in caring for your skin, the more prepared and confident you would be for your last-minute nights out with your beau. Flash a buoyant and friendly smile, find a happy medium, be yourself & have a good time!

Expert makeup artist and an inspiring Indian woman in the field, Shruti Raj from neonsNcorals gives us some important do’s and dont’s for the first date. She says, “First date is always very special. So many thoughts goes hand in hand about the first date. What to wear? How to start a conversation? How will I look, what makeup or hair care will suit me?

So, here are some tips to keep in mind when getting ready for your first date-

  • Always keep in mind simplicity is very important. Simplicity does not mean dressing down or messing your hair or makeup. Is just that keeping everything minimal.
  • Follow your skin care routine religiously. That is your cleansing toning and moisturising.
  • A good medium coverage foundation or a bb cream is what you need for your base.
  • Always conceal your imperfections.
  • A good setting powder or a compact should always be handy to set your base. This step will help you save the embarrassment of your product shifting from your face.
  • If you like kohl in your waterline then go for it. If not then after curling your lashes apply a thick coat of mascara. This gives a dimension to your eyes with out doing much. (Day time date). If going for a night date always know the venue first to dress accordingly just in case that is not possible a smocked eye-liner works on all occasions.
  • Eyebrow grooming is very important. Trust me this one little step makes world of a difference.
  • Soft contour is what you need to give a chiselled face. Do not forget a good highlighted cheek bones always look stunning. Team that up with soft pink or peach blush sweeping it from the apples to the temples blending highlight blush and contouring.
  • Lips are the most important part of any look. A change of lip color can turn your makeup from a day appropriate to a night look. Opt for a good lip gloss. Don’t over-do the gloss – a light sheen is far sexier that lips that look thick and gloopy, otherwise you’re more likely to get a kiss on the cheek than on the lips!

As for the hair, she says- 

Soft romantic wavy loose curls will be the big turn on your first date.

If you don’t like open hair opt for a soft loose side braid which looks elegant and also completes your look.

The best makeup and hair is the kind you can forget about once it’s on. Just flash a confident friendly smile and have a great time.”

Happy Meeting!


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