Fly Solo: Own the Challenge, girls!

Fly Solo: Own the Challenge, girls!

Travelling is a part of life, but wouldn’t it be great if we just did it more often? Travel is not just about a new place and new people, but about breaking the monotony and kicking off th stress. It’s about getting a breather from the daily grind, and is especially true for us women!

Most of us travel with friends, family or partner. Though what we should really consider doing more often, is flying solo! Though women are often advised against venturing out alone, due to several reasons like safety. Moreover, many consider it “immodest” for a woman to travel alone. Yet, there are many women who are now owning the challenge, and are setting great examples by travelling alone and having a gala time while at it.

It has rightly been said that ‘no risk, no gain’. And traveling alone is totally a risk worth taking. We women need to switch off from the many roles we are expected to play, take a deep breath, and gift ourselves a solo adventure! We are always expected to inform families about our movements outdoors, keeping ourselves under their check at all times. We are told to take care of our safety, but no one has taught the big bad world to be more welcoming of women in public spaces. So, from time to time, we need to develop a thick skin, ditch the naysayers, pack our bags and leave!

According to The Blonde Abroad , there are 5 safest destinations for solo women travellers.

1. Iceland – Solo travelling is easy and comfortable there and the city Reykjavik is famous for its music, scenery and nightlife. So women have no problem meeting locals and fellow travellers.

2. Scandinavia – The countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden are filled with amazing architecture and beautiful sights. Norway and Denmark has been marked #1 and #2 respectively in most happiest places in the world. So you can now have an idea why it is considered as safest place for solo women travellers.

3. New Zealand – There are some of the most beautiful landscapes of the world in New Zealand. The glaciers and beaches of the country will make your travel worth it. This country is specially considered safe for solo women travellers.

4. Thailand – From inexpensive accommodation to 5 Star hotels, it’s a place of visit for both luxury and budget travellers. The beaches, street food and unbelievable scenery of mainland will male your day.

5. Bali – The most important place to visit for women who are searching for inner peace. In Bali, there are temples, yoga destinations, beaches, inexpensive food and accommodation. These things make visiting Bali worth your time and yes its safe too.

There are some websites which are travel planners specially made to guide the solo women travellers.

1. The WOW Club

2. Women on Clouds

3. Diva Odysseys

4. Girls on the Go

5. The Women’s Travel Group

These websites are very helpful to solo women travellers as they provide a complete guide to them and plan the visit. Not very expensive, these travel planning websites render great services to solo women travellers and are very trustworthy. So women, get up, put in your shoes, go out and enjoy, be gutsy and never say never.


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