Love and the “Player’s Drug”

Have you experienced the “Player’s Drug” ?

There is always a set of boys whom your mom told you to stay away from. This boy will make you cry, He will not attend to your emotional needs. He will make you jealous of other girls and he will definitely not treat you well. He is the “Playboy” who is probably sweet talking to five other girls at the same time and you are one of them.

But still, good girls love bad boys and bad boys love treating good girls badly.

College is the hub for players, its called their playground. College is where you love and experiment but you also learn to grow in and out of relationships. The nice boy is always too nice to be considered as a boyfriend and thats where we girls miss out. We go for the nasty, lethal combinations who are pros at breaking hearts and later we regret our decisions.

So, what exactly the player does is something we all should know in order to avoid any future heart breaks.


He will text you to catch up, then text you to meet up. He will say nice things to you. He will be keen to know about your plans, whereabouts and little things about your life. He will update you with his social commitments, whereabouts and plans and do the same with you as well. He will pretend that he is trying to get into the friend zone, but in reality he is trying to get a targeted soft space in your heart. He will give you attention, a little to much to digest. He might sing songs for you in the canteen or show you off to the other boys as well. Attention is the name of the game.

Generally, too much attention at once can boost into you too much confidence and you won’t even realise when you start enjoying it. You might find it cheesy in the beginning but you know you are loving it from within.  Also, attention from a good looking, charming guy is not easy to resist. Unless the girl is practical and sensible( which most girls are not) , she cannot resist the temptation of getting attention from a good looking guy.

No wonder, women are always termed to be the “emotional fools”. How can a player not use this vulnerability to his utmost advantage. Most girls fall into the trap knowingly or unknowingly. He aims to create a small space in her heart. Once this soft space is reserved, he knows he has a chance to convert that soft corner into something more stronger as and when need arises.

Once he knows you are in the loop, he has made his first big move. He knows you are a little engaged and thinks of him more than just a friend. Now his second big move is giving you freedom to either make a move or letting it be. The emotionally impractical girl generally makes a move thinking she is reciprocating his previous move, but the harsh reality is that she doesn’t realise the strategy of his game.

He wants her to follow up with him but he will not pay attention to her now. The sudden lack of interest and attention will make the girl more curious and irritated and she will become frustrated in this process. She would want to know the reason behind the sudden disconnect. This will act as an ego booster for the guy, as now he knows she is definitely interested and wants him to talk to her. Now comes his small tactics like messaging once in a while and telling you what keeps him busy. But sometimes, he might say nice things and be sweet as well so that your curiosity gets a little rest and you don’t go mad trying to call him.

He will give you attention  but only in marginal amounts so that you are always hungry for more.

 Attention is like a drug. You enjoy it the most when given in high quantities but it’s sudden withdrawal is lethal.

This eventually results in a complicated scenario where the girl goes bonkers thinking about his sudden lack of interest and the player rejoices his win. This gives him pleasure and he is probably keeping many other girls in the same loop and smiling like a devil thinking how many girls are “in love” with him . Some girls mistake this curiosity with “being in love”. But the truth is, this is not love, this is just a player’s drug which has been successfully implanted in your system.

This drug for attention results in emotional breakdowns and breakups eventually. If you haven’t experienced the “Player’s drug” yet, you are probably playing it safe and those who have, don’t worry because Hell has a special place reserved for such men.


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