‘Loyal’ Stars & Their Forgiving Wives

‘Loyal’ Stars & Their Forgiving Wives

Rumors, scandals, affairs and what not, the Bollywood celebrity wives have seen it all. Sustaining a happily married life with a husband whose job description involves him romancing hot ladies on a daily basis is definitely one heck of a challenge. But is trust the only reason why these wives choose to have their husband’s back even though they cross the line and get indulged in infidelity? Don’t money, fame, paparazzi and the celebrity wife tag play any role? These star wives own grand businesses, become popular Indian women entrepreneurs, sizzle the ramp walking by their husband’s side and manage to make it to the list of the most inspiring women of India as well. But when it comes to the hot gossips revolving around their husband’s extra-marital affairs, they simply pretend not to lend an ear to them. Why does reconciling with a cheating partner who is definitely not worth their trust become the only option left with them?

This forgiving trend dates back to an era in which Bollywood had a completely contrasting face than today. Who could ignore the sizzling onscreen chemistry between the greatest showman of the Hindi cinema, Mr. Raj Kapoor and the mesmerizing Nargis! When rumors had it that the duo were recreating the same magic off-screen as well, people weren’t surprised. Doesn’t matter how many chaos, this rumor cum reality created in his marriage with Mrs. Krishna Raj Kapoor, things were ultimately calmed down. Doesn’t matter if people owe romance to Raj and Nargis till date, Krishna did forgive him with open hearts but later went into depression due to his womanizing ways.

Be it the king of Bollywood, SRK, the Singham man, Ajay, or the Khiladi Akshay, they all have tasted love outside the boundaries of their home. Recently divorced couple Hrithik and Suzzane too were a part of this list.  Hrithik has allegedly had a lot of affairs with the likes of Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Barbara Mori being a few. Once Suzzane was rumored to have left her house after being too upset with her husband’s alleged affairs. However, their 17 year long happy married life (before their divorce) probably speaks of Sussanne’s forgiveness clearly. What makes these husbands take a splash into the pool of infidelity needs no answer, I guess. What makes their wives forgive them and move on pretending to have a so-called happy married life does demand an explanation. Don’t they feel the need to question their husband’s cheating antics?


Another such instance which takes a wife’s patience to another level is the infamous Kangana-Aditya case. Long before Kangana Ranaut got introduced to the industry, she was reported to be in a relationship with Aditya Pancholi who was not only married but also had children as old as her. If you think this was alone enough surprising, you should read what Aditya’s wife Zarina Wahab had to say about it. She not just forgave her husband but also forgot his sins whole-heartedly and considered him an honest, virtuous man who had the guts to confess to her about his extramarital relationship. Well, we still don’t know what kind of a judgment we should pass!

Well, I won’t deny from the fact that everybody deserves a second chance. But fourth, fifth, say, even sixth chance? How’s that justified? Are these wives too afraid of letting a strong surname added to their identity get taken away? Wouldn’t they be considered as one of the top Indian women achievers if they drop their celebrity wife status? Moreover, the much talked about affair between Suzzane and Arjun Rampal apparently being the reason behind her divorce would give the other star wives one more reason to let things be. The media plays its part and declares them a failed wife first before declaring their husbands a cheat.

Another such case where Dharmendra converted to Islam so that he could marry Hema while still staying married to Prakash Deol (His first wife) raises the bar of tolerance. Shouldn’t have Prakash moved out of his life or slammed the door of justice? What made her turn a blind eye to all what was happening? Her children, her apparently happy family or her hopeless dedication towards her husband?

Many a time, these wives, after finding out that something is cooking, either ban their husbands from working with a particular actress again or leave their house for the time being. But they do ultimately reconcile with their partners and lead a normal married life. Although, we have no right to be judgmental and blame them for taking their partner’s side, we can’t help but give it a thought – can there be love with a broken trust? If not, shouldn’t they show these cheaters where they stand, move out of their lives like a queen and set an inspirational story for all the Indian women out there for years to come? Think!

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