Reasons That Will Ruin Your Marriage

Marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day, any tender mistake could break it down into pieces. Husbands generally juggle their heads to understand what makes their wives unhappy.

Marriage is an incredible institution where you’re required to fall in love with the same person over and over again.

To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the loving cup, just go through the points coming your way, mug them up, and save yourself from being the culprit behind ruining your marriage. Husbands, are you listening? Stop doing these things right now!

Overpowering her Decisions Always

Don’t expect her to follow your footsteps like a blind puppet. A relationship is never about an instructor and a student, it’s about mutual understanding where both the persons involved get fair chances to call the shots. Being a man doesn’t make you a better decision-maker by default because testosterone has nothing to do with enhancing leadership skills. If your wife can be one a successful Indian women achiever, she can lead herself in life too

Trying to correct her when not required

First of all, stop assuming that you’re doing a favor by being with her. Nobody is perfect, so isn’t she and so aren’t you, by the same token. If she comes to you to help lighten the load from the weight of her world, she probably just needs you to lend an ear and not tons of advice. Rather than trying to resolve, repair and mend her, just be by her side as a firm support system.

Better be the troubleshooter and not the trouble maker of her life.

If you constantly keep poking her and telling her how she is just not the Mrs. Right for you, you’re in fact ruining your marriage.

Not giving her time

If you won’t, who will? I know you spend really long hours struggling with piles of files at the office, but there’s no need to follow it up by pegs of beer with your friends, that too on a daily basis.

You could simply go to your wife, and let her know that you’re there for her.

Small gestures make a huge difference. Even a few hours of quality time spent together would compensate for the entire lonely day she’s gone through.

Confusing sex as the only way of intimacy

Who said sex is the only way to show love! When it comes to physical intimacy, women’s expectations are a lot different from that of men. Your wife seeks sex as just a part of physical closeness, but it’s not all she wants.

A warm hug, tight cuddles and unexpected kisses work wonders for women.

If you’re one of those machines who treat sex as just a procedure to put a full stop to their hectic schedule, your wife is most likely to nag, complain and verbally hurt you. But she does all this just to seek your attention because inside she craves some sweet gestures. She would feel most adored by the small tokens of your love, care and appreciation. Let her know that she rules your heart and she would let you rule hers!

Craving another woman’s company

The thing you’re getting indulged in, in the name of harmless flirting might be infidelity for your wife. Every time you desperately stare at other women, it might be a reminder to your wife of her many imperfections. Even your hormonal arousal could be okay as long as you keep reassuring her of your love and commitment.

Your hesitation to accept her publicly, your desire to flaunt a fake single status before other women and your desperation to be around your crushes might leave your wife in the most miserable position ever because even the thought of sharing her husband would freak her out.

Not letting her follow her dreams

Forcing your wife to let go of her dreams is like cutting down a bird’s wings. Whether she wishes to be a top woman entrepreneur, pursue her writing career, run an NGO or continue being a simple homemaker, it should be totally up to her.

You can suggest but cannot enforce your decisions upon her.

If her married status becomes the sole barrier on the way to her success, it clearly speaks of your failure as a supportive and understanding husband. Your wife may keep mum without opposing to your orders but her desires to nail it as a strong, independent women will stay buried somewhere deep inside her heart. This suppressed will is alone enough to mix bitterness into your relationship.

Leaving her alone when she needs you the most

The biggest gap between two love birds is the emotional distance which could be bridged only by being together. Sometimes a woman just needs her husband’s shoulder to rest her head at and his arms to lose herself in.

She might be having a tough day and all she wants is your consolation.

For most women, their largest fears boil down to isolation and deprivation. If your wife feels like a lonely single woman, there’s no point in you being in her life. Have her back when she needs you the most, and bring a smile to her face when she expects it the least. Emptiness is the worst thing to happen to someone, trust us.

Not taking up responsibility

You are answerable to her at every step. You need to give her a house which she would turn into a home. That’s what marriage is all about. Moreover, you need to stand up and take the charge of whatever mistakes you commit. Stop blaming her for your miseries.

Your life reflects the values you desire so take ownership of your actions.

You are one of the two wheels which would take your marriage ahead, don’t get broken down by being a childish, superficial and irresponsible spouse.

Taking out your frustration on her at all times

Sometimes it’s totally forgivable but if it happens on a regular basis, you’re definitely lagging behind from being a good husband. You had a bad day at the office and you took the heat out on your wife calling it just a reaction to your frustration, but did you realize that your wife too had been struggling with numerous issues all day long?

Verbal wounds take more time to heal than the physical ones leaving some persistent scars.

When you shut your wife out to brood in your despair, it fills her with grief, fear and a feeling of being rejected. Open up to her and stop this train wreck before it becomes a part of your daily routine. If you’re stressed about something, be it work, money or your relationship, show more love to your wife instead of turning yourself into an aggressive volcano. The love she would shower back upon you would be enough to make you see the brighter side of life.


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