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Livia – The Device To Curb Period Pain

Livia – The Device To Curb Period Pain

When a woman faces an emotional ordeal, just to complete tasks that she would do happily daily, means her periods are just round the corner. An estimated 85 percent of women experience at least one symptom of PMS per month.

Menstrual cramps are caused by uterine contractions (when the uterus tightens and relaxes allowing blood to leave the uterus). The lining of uterus releases special chemicals called “prostaglandins.” These substances can increase the intensity of the contractions, especially if the levels rise. High levels of prostaglandins may also cause nausea and lightheadedness.

Some or all of these problems may start a day or two before periods and can last for part or all of the period. These signs could be caused by other medical conditions and therefore it is important to talk with your gynecologist about your symptoms.

But, technology has made almost everything possible these days and one such wonders of technology is the “Livia.”

This incredible device works as an off-switch for the menstrual cramps. In one touch, Livia blocks the pain from entering into the body by stimulating the nerves. It is often suggested to not encourage the intake of medicines while in periods and that is the biggest advantage of Livia.

“I was surprised by the size, it’s very small and discreet and nobody notices it,” Diana, one of the users of Livia, described the product perfectly.

It’s a small device that works instantaneously on a single touch and has no side effects. The device can be attached, tactfully, over the pants or other clothing. Also, the device can be adjusted from low to high intensity with the “plus” or “minus” buttons.

Livia has been clinically tested by over 160 women and the results have been impressive. It has said to be relieving pain for as long as it has been switched on. Also, as it’s drug-free, it’s safe to use.

Livia is a device based on the “Gate Control Theory” It keeps the nerves busy hence, controlling the pain signals that reach the brain.

It produces a kind of sensation that feels like a combination of very light vibrations which are not painful, but one can certainly feel some sort of stimulation going on.

Founded by father-son Israeli duo of Zvi Nachum and Chen Nachum, the product, Livia, comprises of the following:

A Livia Device Cable

A Livia Case

A Livia Skin

A Livia Device

Two Livia electrodes and gel stickers

A USB Charging Cable

Though the product is yet to be launched in India, there are numerous women eagerly waiting for this.

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