Ananya Birla

Banks are for people with money, not for people without. Microfinance refers to delivering essential financial services to those who are too poor to be served by the regular banks. India is the largest microfinance market in the world, with some 120 million homes with no access to financial services, estimates CRISIL Research.

With a vision to take the ‘bank’ to the ‘unbankable’, Ananya Birla came forward to defy all odds and provide the rural women of Maharashtra an opportunity to achieve economic independence.

In an exclusive conversation with Feministaa, Ananya Birla talks about Svatantra, challenges, family, and her inspiration.

She was 17 years old when she took the plunge into the microfinance sector which was largely dominated by men in their 50s. In the interview, she talks about how she thought her family would find her idea insane. However, absolutely opposite happened.

On speaking about the success of Svatantra, she believes what sets them apart is their ability to analyze economic conditions of rural women. They make sure the loan is not a burden on the people and the money is used in an income-generating activity than consumption purposes.

“I like to follow my passions and not give up easily.”

Ananya Birla could have cozily slept on the safety net of the Birla family but she chose to break the ‘born with a silver spoon’ image. Drawing inspiration from her grandfather, she is determined to defuse all weapons of sexism and achieve what she aims for.

Feministaa wishes her great success in her future endeavors.

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