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Sarandon’s Bare Cleavage Act

Sarandon’s Bare Cleavage Act

This is a poem in response to the saggy breast comments which were showered upon Susan Sarandon when she bared her cleavage as a memorial tribute to support the SAG awards. Various celebrities had negative and positive opinions about her act and this poem is a reply to those who think it was “tacky”.

What is saggy
is the sense of humor
-barbaric, pitiable,
patriarchal tumor.

I browsed your pictures-
you look so elegant, Susan.
I was almost fixed
at your charming smile
and dazzling face.
Your bosoms speak
so much grace-
I saw Kate almost touching
them in adoration-
they are anything but saggy.

Numbed by your boldness
the unready men
tweet and whine
I wonder how their
man-boobs look at 69.


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