Say No To Female Education

Say No To Female Education

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.”

The world is developing, times are changing and the thinking process of the people is evolving but still female education remains a controversial topic for most of us.

Why? Because we still live in a society that’s male dominated and considers women a property belonging within the boundaries of a household.

Recently, I saw a video on an online women health and fitness blog, where an extremely graceful woman depicted how to do aerobic yoga. Below the video, I came across a comment that said “Why educate women when all they look good doing is this?”

I was not surprised to see that it was a man who commented this but the likes that it had, was a harsh reality check for me. I realised that no matter how much the time’s changed, women will just be considered as an object.

On one hand, I hear the success stories of women entrepreneurs and on the other hand, I hear questions like “Why women should be educated”

There are a lot of top inspiring women who have fought back the male chauvinistic attitude and have emerged out as an inspiration for many.

But there are a lot of women who suffer because of our society’s male dominant mindset.

Their desires are killed and they have no say in most of the matters, even regarding their own selves. No, this is not just the case in small towns or villages but developed cities and countries too have the same attitude towards women.

But, if so many people think that women do not deserve an equal standard as men, then there might be some ‘logical’ reason behind the issue. After all, men can’t be wrong!

Here are five such reasons that will give you an insight, so as why women should not be educated.

1. If Women will start working, who is going to cook!

Cooking also seems gender oriented to me because the most obvious and common argument in favour of this topic is that women belong in the kitchen. They belong within the threshold. No matter how many male master chefs you see and appreciate, in the end, it will mostly be a woman to be seen inside the kitchen. Even, in the case of both partners working, often it is the responsibility of the woman to take care of what is going on in the kitchen.

No wonder it is said, “maa k hath ka khana” and not baap k hath ka!

2. Feminism is one of the causes for Low Birth Rate!

Apparently, every educated woman is a feminist and feminism is bad for our society. Feminism encourages women to study further and as a result, their marriages get delayed. Due to the delay in marriages, lesser children are born, hence, affecting the birth rate. Studies show that the declining birth rate is a major cause of concern in the present situation and thus, feminism being one of its causes, girls should not be educated.

3. If you’ll employ women, where will men work!

In our society, it is unacceptable to see a woman as the only bread earner for the house. A male who lets his female partner work and manages the household himself is considered “feminine” because “ideally” the only job a woman should do, is to take care of the house. Also, a woman earning more than a man is a sin in itself! It shatters the fragile male ego and hence, ladies you do not deserve to be well educated and well employed.

4. Women become argumentative when they get educated.

Yes! Women learn to speak up when they start learning things. Living in a patriarchal society, how can we let a woman raise her voice! Education provides women with an insight into every little thing in the society and it even provides them with logic, but logic is only for men. If women get educated, they’ll have views, views that they would want to express and the male dominated society will suppress them. But, what if women do not get suppressed? Who would want to see that! Hence, keep your girl out of school!

5. A Well-Educated Woman? How will one find a groom for her?

It all comes down to one thing, Marriage! A woman who is well qualified and satisfied with her job is considered “over-qualified” to get married. Although, it is better for a man to earn big, to study as much as he can and he will never be considered ‘overqualified.’ This is a grave concern for most of the parents who dare to send their girls to study.

Women, Why would you want your parents to hear, “itni padhi likhi ladki k liye rishta kahan se laoge!”

These are amongst a few barriers to female education which are considered ‘logical’ by many. We clearly do not deserve any “Malala” to be taking bullets for empowering women. We do not deserve any foundation that encourages female education.

Brigham Young once said, “You educate a man, you educate a man; but you educate a woman, you educate an entire nation.”

But when will we really understand this? Female education is not just necessary for women empowerment but is important for the development of an entire nation.

It’s indeed a sad fact that in a nation who has seen a female Prime Minister, a female President, female athletes and what not, we still need to question, “why is there a need to educate women!”


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