South of France- an extract from a traveller’s diary

South of France- an extract from a traveller’s diary

If you have heard people saying that you should go to the South of France when you are old and retired, its time to change their perspective. South of France, has some of most picturesque cities with the most beautiful people in the world. Why would you wait to retire to enjoy this place? An ensemble of beautiful drives, exotic views, fine dining experiences and spectacular beaches truly define the cities of Saint Tropez, Cannes and Monte Carlo. You definitely need deep pockets to afford  a vacation to these luxurious destinations.


Saint Tropez has no direct route so one needs to take a flight to Nice and drive down to this rich village. Every nook and corner of this tiny city will have an ice cream and sorbet station. The sun shines on your head so ample amount of sunscreen is mandatory. In Saint Tropez, you will find a fleet of yachts at the pier, which looks like a set out of a Hollywood movie. Don’t be surprised if you run into some Hollywood celebrities. Think of yourself as a celebrity while there, only the lucky few get to this place. Popularly known as the playground of the billionaires, Saint Tropez doesn’t disappoint you at all. There is a main square, which is flooded with tourists from all over the world in the month of July and August. Weekly flea markets are a good way to get cheap souvenirs and beachwear. Also, these flea markets have tempting live food stations to give you a glimpse of their sumptuous local cuisine.

The fine dining experience in Saint Tropez is like no other. To name the best few, Brasserie De Arts, L’Opera and Villa de Romana are like no other. These are not your typical ” sit down” restaurants. Each one of them has an element of exclusivity attached the upmost. An exquisite ambience and tailored service by the staff provides you with a fully customized experience. Quoting a personal experience, Villa de Romana has an ongoing fashion show of some selected talented designers, while you are enjoying your dinner. Also, they have props such as huge frames and funny hats for you to get some interesting photo memories. Also, attracting the rich and famous from all over the world, champagne showers are quite a visual treat at every second table.

Clubs such as nikki beach, Caves du Roy and VIP club are quite popular among youngsters.


As you drive from Saint Tropez to Cannes, you won’t be able to get your eyes off the scenic view from the car window. A beautiful view of sandy beaches, perfectly cut mountains and small lakes will keep you occupied. You should take a stop over and enjoy a mid day meal at a restaurant in one of villages you cross. This will give you the time to enjoy the view at peace. Cannes has a lot to offer as well in terms of its buzzing nightlife. Take a stroll down the boulevard de la Croissette, where, on one side are the best luxury shopping brands and some of the finest hotels in Cannes, while on the other side, is a well paved walking path overlooking the beachfront. At night, this area becomes a favorite hangout spot for the partygoers. Beach parties and events happen at restaurants by the beach every other weekend, especially during film festivals. Baoli is one of the best amongst the beach bars. Here, you would probably see celebrities drinking away to glory.

South of France

Monte Carlo, is again different from Saint Tropez and Cannes. Situated in the midst of the mountains and the river, the weather is always a mixture of scorching heat with cool breeze from the French Riviera. It’s a tiny city, which you can probably cover in a day. A city tour would probably finish in an hour, if you go by the sightseeing bus. One of the favorite highlights of the city tour is the Palace of Monaco, which is at the top of a hill. From there, you can see the whole city of Monte Carlo and probably get the best pictures with the whole view on the background. Some of other main highlights are the famous Casino de Monte Carlo, the Hotel de Paris and the Café de Paris. The food is quite a treat at the famous Café De Paris. You should sit there, and enjoy their classic ice cream sundae while witnessing the hustle bustle of the area. You would come across the finest cars and some of the finest people driving them around. The famous grand prix is held at the Circuit de Monaco, which is a street circuit map, is laid out on the regular streets of Monaco. Monte Carlo is a home to the world’s finest cars, so if you love cars, this is the place to be.

Summer time is the best time to travel to Europe. After August, most of the places literally shut down. Explore, enjoy and make some beautiful memories.

France has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife, shopping, culture and food. So, plan your next trip to France and keep these tips handy.


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