The Top 10 New Year Must-Haves

The Top 10 New Year Must-Haves

Every New Year is a clean slate to write a new life on. It is about time to make those resolutions, and carry them forward (for at least 15 days). This 10 must-haves for New Year are simple, realistic and will make you stronger and better one day at a time!

1) Carry Condoms

Unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and urinary tract infections are some things that any unprotected sex might bring with it. And protecting yourself from it is as much your responsibility as the guy. Take the power in your hand and carry condoms.

2) Carry your affirmations on phone

Whatever changes you wish to see in yourself, be it “I will stop cursing” “I will not eat junk for today” “I will have at least three fruits a day”. Just write them down on your phone and let your phone remind you so that you always have them in the back of your mind throughout your day.

3) Keep a Cream or Hydrater

Never let your skin complain on an everyday basis. Find out what works for you, what makes you feel good, your rough spots and get a good cream to keep your skin going throughout the day. Smoother skin is equivalent to a smoother day!

4) Keep Your Chapstick Game On!

You are bold, you have a strong voice and you are bound to make impact people and you know how to ask for it. Never let your lips tell otherwise. Be it bright red, girly pink or nudes, make each of your smile count through lips that kill.

5) Always be prepared to make a killing

It’s okay if you don’t know how to kidney punch, hook or kick-box your way through a tough situation. All you need to do is willpower and little things that can go to great lengths in protecting you. Carrying a pepper spray, a small sharp object and abundance of strength might often be enough to serve you with your safety.

6) Have all things Sanitary!

What is the one thing that a lot of periods have in common? Bad timings. They’ll hit you in the middle of a trip, a wedding, a class or a life-changing career opportunity. So, make sure you always have a sanitary product handy to save you in all those emergency situations.

7) Always carry a notepad

Your mind is going through enough, be it personal or professional life. By adding an extra burden of remembering things you not only make yourself wear out more, but you might also be taking a step back in planning your day efficiently. Always carry a to-do list for both your personal and professional life. Let your mind be free only for execution, leave the remembering to the pages!

8) Always carry whatever helps you bring out the best in you!

Be it the perfect class-defining hair, a bold kajal, a musky scent or bright lips or all of them, we all have that one thing that makes us feel better, confident and go through the day with more assertiveness. Always carry this go-getter cosmetic in your bag to make you feel like the strong person you are whenever in a moment of doubt.

9) Always have the voice to smash patriarchy 1 day at a time!

Say no to mansplaining, say no to harassers, say no to the people who tell you can’t do this or you’re not strong enough to do that. Know your worth, know when to say no and know when to stand up for what you deserve!

10) Carry the courage to do whatever the fuck you want to do!

You know all those things you’ve always wanted to? Go out and do them. Just have faith in yourself and big things are waiting to happen. You never know 2019 might be the year you make it big!


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