The Unknown side of Firdaus

The Unknown side of Firdaus

Sensual, seductive and secretive, Katrina’s character from Fitoor is literally oozing with grand narratives, intimacy and boldness. She acts, displaying her mettle, speaks revealing her erudite command over language and enamors the audience, leaving them spell-bound and craving for more.

Here are few reasons why Firdaus’s character from Fitoor touched our heart.

Royale yet with a heart of gold

At the age of ten, she knows how to ride a horse, triumphantly and elegantly. She knows she belongs to the top echelons of power in Kashmir and confidently, with the charm of a well-groomed child, demands respect when Noor, aka Aditya Kapoor, keeps staring at her, totally mystified. But behind her tough face, even as a child, she had a heart of gold. Looking at the tattered shoes of Noor, she asked her mother Tabu to help him, which led to him being employed in their stable, looking after horses. She does not rush into friendship with him, in spite of both of them clearly charmed by each other but ceremoniously declares a day for their friendship, which has a touch of regal essence in it. In short, even as a child, the character was full of oomph and confidence, fully aware of her own background and social class, but never on the edge of being too intoxicated by it.

Follow restraint, elegantly

When Noor arrives in Delhi and they meet, she too is pulled by his charm and eyes, but she knows her limits and never crosses them. In spite of craving so badly to be near him, with him, she displays restraint. Trying very hard to restrict herself, she finally lets her guards down that evening when Noor reveals the immaculate paintings he had made of her, her portraits that were a drug to him and she, in spite of trying hard to go away, ultimately melts in his arms. The next day though she did not forget or act childish, rather she wrote a well crafted letter in Urdu to Noor telling him she is going away to Kashmir and their relationship does not have a future. Yes, she leaves Noor heart-broken but she too laments in her own small ways.

Displays pious lover for her mother

In spite of knowing that Tabu had adopted her, she was not her real mother, Firdaus never budges an inch when it comes to taking care of her ailing mother. Be it leaving her life in Delhi and strictly following what her mother had recommended, that is, getting married in an affluent Pakistani family, she does it all. She does not question or rebuke her mother’s decision, respecting it all the way, knowing that in the end, it was her mother who knew what was good for her. Her heart does break, often, especially during her encounters with Noor who is shamelessly confessing his love to her, all the time, but all she could do was be silent, smoke in a corner and blame her destiny. She did not defy the baggage of responsibility that came with her class and she knew that her borders were marked, and in spite of eventually finding love in her life, she can never own it.

Stylish and seductive, at the worst of times

The glamour and style quotient portrayed by Firdaus cannot be dominated or described in words. She acts like a mature woman, in full control of herself, glowing and shining bright, going to high class events with her fiancé and keeping that radiant smile on her face, even if she is crying from inside. She does not, for once, look lost or heart-broken, affected by spells of crying because she knows she is indomitable and a lot of the respect for her family is bestowed upon her. So, you will always find her dressed well, confidently and stylishly, emboldened with her seductive powers and confident style of walking, conversing with people and understanding the unsaid. She never once gave up on her image, and that’s her power, her magic.

Liberated lover

After her mother Tabu dies suddenly and the last rites are being performed, when she finally gets to see the locket of her mother which had her picture along with her lovers, the entire story unfolds in front of her eyes. She knew that her entire life, her mother had been trying to protect her from her destiny, her life and that is why she always warned her of love, of being intimate with people who were below her own class. But then, she knew her life was different. And in spite of it snowing, she runs for her lover, ready to melt in his arms as soon as she sees him, because their story, she knew would be different than her mother’s. In the end, romance takes the turn and unites the couple like a symphony of beautiful music, waiting for years to be heard.

In the end, Fitoor, as the name suggests is madness, completely and royally showcased by its actors in such a spell-binding manner that ever frame looks like a painting, so pure, pristine and immaculate. Watching the movie through its twists and turns would give you goose-bumps and make you crave for seeing the couple reunited which is entangled with so many layers of impossibility. It shows you that madness has no limit and so does love and its only love that can truly liberate one self.


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