Tipping Point 1.0

Tipping Point 1.0

Karma Circles and Global Women Network launched the pitch competition ‘Tipping Point 1.0’ on 10th December ‘16, at IIT Delhi from 10AM to 5PM, to showcase the talented and young women entrepreneurs of India. Through this platform, they created a unique opportunity for these entrepreneurs to refurbish their skills through a competition and give a boost to their startups.

The panel included the renowned Indian entrepreneurs namely Radhika Shapoorjee, Talish Ray, Anil Chikkara, Anshu Mor, Deepak Goel, Prerna Taneja and Nidhi Lal. Each of the panelists gave keynotes with a focus on women entrepreneurship and introduced the audience to their inspiring entrepreneurial journey.

Later, the event witnessed a workshop by Anshu Mor, Founder and CEO of Talking Mime Pvt Ltd. on “Weaving story of a successful business”. He is the ex-Director of Microsoft, where he managed Interactive business entertainment (Xbox).

Many of the panelists like Radhika Shapoorjee, President of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, India & South Asia, explained what is the ‘Tipping point’, ‘how women are finding themselves’ and how just about 14 percent of entrepreneurs in India are women.

Anil Chikkara, Serial Entrepreneur, Judge & mentor at India’s 1st Startup Reality TV show, explained how the differentiation between men and women doesn’t exist in entrepreneurship anymore.

Dr. Prerna Taneja, Founder of Global Women Network and Global Women Foundation, talked about how one is not a ‘woman entrepreneur’ but just an entrepreneur.

Nidhi Lal, Co-Founder of Global Women Network, told that Tipping Point’s focus is on personalized one-on-one mentoring and extensive visibility for all the finalists through video/story profiling and audience voting. She said that each finalist will gain a lot whether they make it to Grand Finale or not.

Talish Ray, Managing Partner, TRS Law Officer, made participants aware of the fact that entrepreneurship is 1% idea and 99% execution.

Deepak Goel, Founder of KarmaCircles, inspired everyone with the philosophies in Adam Grant’s book ‘Give and take’ and explained how important it is to express gratitude to every single thing in life; for which he made the participants and audience thank the panelists for their immense contribution to the event.

The event ended with a one on one mentoring sessions with the finalists and the final competition will be held in Delhi in January. On the basis of the final results of the competition, there will be several prizes and rewards for the startups, investors and mentors proving the ‘Tipping Point 1.0’  as an excellent platform for everyone to provide their support and commitment to women entrepreneurship.


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