To Be Or Not To Be… Dilemma’s Of The First Time Mother

To Be Or Not To Be… Dilemma’s Of The First Time Mother

Being in a marriage no sooner than 23 was itself a challenge. A break from work, change of city (believe me when I say South Mumbai and other parts of Mumbai are totally different cities) were as it is huge changes that take time to cope up with; apart from of course sharing your life, room, and routine with someone! Soon I had a full-time job adjusting to the new environment around me.

But believe me when I say this, we only attach ourselves with our struggles and pain which had actually stopped me from moving forward in life.

After marriage and in two years of work break, these were the only thoughts that would keep me preoccupied. And it took me a conscious decision to come out of the mess that existed only in my head!

Realisation did hit me soon and I didn’t want to be the same, I made a commitment to myself that I am going to let go of all the things that are holding me back.

I accepted the changes in my life with arms wide open and only then was it easier for me to open doors for new opportunities. I have been in the business of building businesses for my clients. Because I feel that apart from communication, there are no better means of expressing oneself.

Meeting new people, understanding their goals, and trying to help them build a brand is not just something I do for a living, but it’s something that keeps me going.

But letting this decision of being a mother takes its own course and time and making it a part of my life, has changed my thoughts completely! My goal now might be a little different. And this goal has helped me grow better as a human being because I feel the sense of responsibility.

 I am extremely sensitive towards my clients’ requirement and I only wish to give 200% to them to achieve the desirable results.

And today when I am in this wonderful phase, I saw my clients understand, and flush me with good wishes and warmth! Yes, it does feel to be on the top of the world and I have never felt this way in my entire life!

My work has always given me immense satisfaction so far. My friends used to wonder, I never felt boredom or frustration with work…

And now, every day is a new learning, every client I met had different ideas and there was so much to learn. And today every experience is teaching me something new every day.

The only difference is that I choose to learn something new from every single moment every single day.

Believe me, I am still learning the art to let go and appreciate every new opportunity that is beautiful and unique in every sense. I have decided to pursue my life on my own belief. Lets not others decide our worth!

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