Uncivilized Daughters – Review

Uncivilized Daughters – Review

Abhivyakti, the theatre society of Maitreyi College, University of Delhi performed its home production “The Uncivilized Daughters” on 2nd of September at Akshara Theatre, New Delhi.

Feministaa got a chance to attend this musical drama and have a candid conversation with the uncivilized girls.

The play starts with a lively song (good luck deciphering the language), which engulfs the whole audience since the very beginning. The musical drama unfolds into questions – uncomfortable and important. From pubic hair being called ‘uncivilized’ to the commodification of love, this multilingual play hits where it hurts. The group presents facts regarding marital rape and objectification of female body, which is enough for the audience to ponder over the position of women in our social structure.

The production doesn’t really fit neatly into a theatrical or street play performance, but it’s somewhat an amalgamation of both. The ‘baby’ song is definitely the star of the show and we bet you’d keep humming the song even after you exit the hall.

The girls behind the stage are as chirpy and lively as they are on stage. On asking about their experiences, one said “BITS Pilani has been the most amazing experience so far. The boys were giggling and hooting till the inner-wears hanging on the rope were not brought on stage. After that, they looked stunned. The standing ovation we received after the show filled our hearts.”

Maitreyi College is a women’s college, but these girls believe that the environment is as friendly as a co-ed college. In fact, they feel proud that a girl’s College has helped them get closer to the society and more responsible than they were.

The team recalls how the professor in Jamia University judging their performance was unable to utter the word “bra” as if it was a forbidden word. “Innerwears scare people out!”, one said.

Mr Kunal, the writer and director of the play has been associated with Abhivyakti for 7 long years. What inspired him is the relentless struggle of the women of his hometown Haryana against the patriarchal society and the passion for achieving their dreams. He said, “It’s the day to day events of Abhivyakti girls which shaped the script.”

Don’t give this play a miss next time. Keep yourself updated with their productions here.

These girls are fearless. These girls are breaking the gender barriers. These girls are uncivilized.


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