What does a woman expect from her guy when she is on her periods?

What does a woman expect from her guy when she is on her periods?

While on periods, some women can be really difficult to handle. With all the cranky taunts and the mood swings, she wants all the attention on her. The first two days are the worst for all and then it fades away slowly. But, if there is a guy involved, boyfriend or husband, he should know what should be done to have a good night sleep or he might just end up breaking his head against the wall.

There are some things which guys should do while its her “time of the month”

Don’t dare to argue

Arguing with a lady while she is on her periods is the worst idea ever. Even if you are right, she will make weird comebacks to prove herself right. Don’t expect maturity or sensible answers. Its her hormones doing the talking.

Don’t expect her to host your friends while she is “down”

Her comments might be sarcastic or rude which is totally acceptable because she is in pain. Walking around and doing all the work can stress her out even more, resulting in an overflow of emotions. Hence, it can cause a bad emotional breakdown. You don’t want her to cry off to sleep.

Respect her cravings

Her cravings are a must to satisfy. Food is an important element while on periods. Encourage her to forget her diet plan for the first two days because being hungry will make her even more cranky and difficult to handle for you. Good food is the key. Take her out to her favourite place to eat and she will no longer behave like a fierce tigress.

Give her space

Let her do what she wants to do. If she wants to lie on the bed all day, let her. If she wants to watch her favourite show, let her. Don’t dictate her what she should be doing for those few days. It might not work in your favour and you will end up losing the battle anyhow. At this time of the month, she needs her space and you should respect it.

Make way for a massage

A back massage or a shoulder massage is all that she needs to have that smile back on her face. Pamper her with some love and give her a massage to make her feel better. This is the time to make up for all the fights you have had last week.


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