What ‘NOT’ to Expect from your Husbands !!

What ‘NOT’ to Expect from your Husbands !!

When you buy a pair of flawless ivory pearls, you both commit to each other to make each other look the best and shine between the crowd.

But when those pearls break, it also breaks the string of beauty moments that you both had created with each other. The hopes and  desires to outshine all the beauty in the world and the happiness you experience when u caress those tiny shiny beads in front of the mirror and embrace it with the radiant Monalisa smile. You expect that the pearls will give the required support. The cherry on the top is if those babies are presented to you by your knight in the shining armor.

The jitters when you see the man of your dreams and you have your whole life sketched ahead of you but only to come to point of standstill. A point closer to the edge where you’re questioning ” what to not expect from your husband “!

Yes, that guy whom you planned your everything with, and still underneath that so called “I’m an emotionally stable women who doesn’t need her better half to be there for her all the time”, at the very cellular level, hopes that he will go through an epiphany and the following morning will be sunny side up. If you could only with the touch of a button, pause your life to introspect and scream from the top of the building “I dint sign up for this”!!! The moment when you’re about puke all the frustration but rather gulp it down your throat and choose to let it infect your insides. This fear of terminal disappointment and to be judged by the eyes staring at you, stops you from kicking that fear out of you.

Switching between applying a coat of beautiful molten maroon on my nails and petting my furry canine sister,  it occurred to me that may be all this while we have been prejudicing the thoughts from the female point of you. May be a walk in ‘HIS’ shoes will take us down the road less travelled. And will open a whole new dimension to look at things.

A relationship is like a mutual fund so one should brief oneself about the risks before investing. And hey! don’t over look the three small letters of “Terms  & Conditions apply” because if you don’t confer to them, consider your relationship 101% unconditionally taxed.  Wishful thinking isn’t it!

Love is a feeling that is above pride but it’s not a lost cause till you finally give up!

After all you have invested some good amount of your valuable time and practically all your life’s worth of emotions and sanity into your relationship then might as well not let it freefall!

“Tough times don’t last but tough people do”.

Ergo, I decided to “women up” in my relationship…In the pursuit of hope, I tried to see the life from the other side and take charge. “Husbands are like wine…They take quite some time to mature” said once ,Club di Giulietta, so why not along the way you guide them and show them how’s its done.

Not game for the “NO SHAVE NOVEMBER” men trend. No worries ladies. A smart woman knows what she needs so don’t just expect him to understand. COMMUNICATE your feelings unless your man is a yogi and guesses from the kohled eye rolls to chop it off or least trim it!!

After more than a decade, women have finally won the real battle and have willingly relinquished the title of being delicate and dependent for the men to own up to the title of the “superwoman”.  So for the superwoman,  swipe that pink credit card and buy yourself a little black dress.

P.S. don’t expect him to pay for it because after all you have to wear it so why not pay for the girly indulgence”

In sports, we worship team ethics . Apply that sport ethic in your relationship and watch it create magic. The team members are always there for each other. If you cook then unapologetically, let him clean the kitchen. If men say that they don’t like to wash the dishes neither does the woman love doing laundry but a collective effort is always valued. So act as one unit…its that’s simple! It’s a win win situation.

Talking about sports, all Indian men are feisty upon a tight knit Indo Pak T-20 match. So ladies, it’s a heads-up. Do not expect him to pick shopping over a live telecast of the cricket match rather pair up the sporty Indian collar T-shirt and watch the game with him. C’mon girl be a sport!! Groceries can wait!

“Honey! Its Saturday game night” exclaimed the excited husband and as happy you are to hear him you are also little bit not because your man becomes a boy among the boys . It’s ok beautiful don’t get low. If he is not being very lovey dovey.  Call up your girls and go out for a girls night out. You deserve it!

And look at the bright side, it’s your day off too so rekindle the sisterhood!! Everybody says that after getting married, things change but they can also change for good.

“You know there’s this cute new French restaurant that has opened in the corner of our block and it looks perfect in the evening for a romantic dinner date for two”… Intrigued about the romantic rendezvous…me too!! But I know it’s the weekend and he might want to rest so why bother! Right!  OR… Go ahead, Book the table for two and surprise him… Take him out on a date under the moonlight haze. Trust me he will cherish that moment for life.

Don’t always expect him to take you out on the weekend rather bend the rules like Victoria and take the lead.

Only one car in the house, ( uuuhh..Who will drive…YOU) don’t always expect him to drive you to office. Rather,  you get behind the wheel and show the world that you can drive and better than a man . And it’ll be nice to pick him up from his office for a change. Who doesn’t like to see his charming face first thing after a long, hard day of work?  But hey, don’t forget to put on the seatbelt!

Women always complain that men change after marriage. They like to spend some me time but who doesn’t like that space. Once in a while, twist things up a little.

Marriage is not just between a couple but it’s an affinity between two best friends.  So claim the “better half” title. Break the monotony and reignite the friendship.

Share his interests. Once in a while take a golf lesson with him and challenge him and set a new record.  Its double bogey girlies. Plus, you can also keep an eye on your competition.

Don’t always expect him to pamper you. It’s time to return the favor. Pamper him and give him a nice head massage.

Kick-start your life with a feminist approach. We often question “Is chivalry dead?”.  The act of chivalry is a rare phenomenon these days. But if you think its dyeing then is it only the guy’s job to keep it alive?

Sure, it feels nice to be taken care off. So this time share your worth, women up and open the gate of the car for him. Be kind and rewind and instill the pillar of hope in one woman at a time!!

In a relationship, one has to be emotionally stable or rational so that if the love wagon wears off course, there is scope to bring it back on the cruise control mode.

Well I know it’s easier said than done but may be, it’s not that difficult after all! TRY IT! It’ll b worth the effort!


With all said and done, I believe that one should embody change through the curve of our facial canvas!!


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