Why do Indian Women gain Weight after Marriage ?

Why do Indian Women gain Weight after Marriage ?

For Indian women, marriage brings with itself loads of extra calories that one  has to bear with .  It’s shocking and depressing, but true. Studies have shown that women gain significant weight after their marriage. Though most brides go on a weight loss diet to look stunning on D-Day, they often tend to put on weight post marriage.

There are various reasons for weight gain after marriage:

In India , women not only marry their soulmate but also his big fat family which  brings with itself, invitations from their relatives and family friends for lunch and dinner parties. Here, they end up eating more than what they would eat normally. Also, after marriage, a couple wants to spend more time with their respective partner so, they usually go to a different restaurant every weekend, where they end up piling more and more calories.

Apart from eating more, even the diet changes. After marriage, a woman has to adjust according to her new family’s eating schedule. Thus, many a times it happens that their schedule or perhaps the eating timings change  which often leads to weight gain.

Managing work, household chores, kids, etc. coupled with a chaotic eating pattern often leaves women feeling exhausted. As a result, they are likely to indulge in cravings, compensating for their stressful day and end up putting on weight. They often feel stressed with the new set of responsibilities which is one of major cause of weight gain.

In  India, usually housewives are called the “leftover queens”. She cannot see anyone wasting any food because she truly understands the time and effort that one has put in to get the dish ready. When she sees the leftovers from her husband or children, she either eats it up or stores it in the fridge for the next day.  She is quite often seen eating leftovers in order to avoid any wastage of food.

Marriage comes with new responsibilities and a married woman finds it hard to make time for herself. She often skips her morning exercises which she was always very timely about before her marriage. The ‘Gym hour’ is replaced by ‘the Cooking hour’. But, there are ways of turning health conscious  and avoid the intake of such useless calories. She needs to be strong headed and balance her time table in an effective manner so that she can do some kind of substantial workout and include it in her daily routine.

Studies suggest that after marriage, women do not crave for attraction which before marriage, was earlier their only motivation to exercise. This results in women becoming  less conscious about their body weight and looks.

But, it is important for any woman to realise that its her body and its her choice. She can let her body be impacted by the post marital jitters and react to them by having tonnes of sweets or she could be smart and not let those stubborn fats take over her body. Indian women have a huge tendency to gain enormous amount of weight, mostly attributed to their own lack of concern about how they look. One cannot stop looking good just because one is married. Your life is still yours and how you look is directly proportional to how you feel.

So ladies, Look Good and Feel good. Life is all about taking good care of yourself.

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