What Would the World Look Like if Every Woman Stands Up for Herself

What Would the World Look Like if Every Woman Stands Up for Herself

Close your eyes, now imagine a world where equality prevails, gender is a fluid construct, women get equal opportunities as men and they even get to walk freely on the roads at any given time. This imagery might seem Utopian to many, but would you believe me if I tell you that all this is possible?

If every woman would stand up for herself then the landscape we live in today would be much different. As women we owe it to ourselves and the future generation to speak against the unjust, voice our opinion in a crowd and support one another in crisis because together we are stronger. Believe in yourself and envision a whole new world with me!

Every day would be a Women’s Day

Why limit the celebration of women and their grandeur to just one day when you can make everyday a women’s day! Women who impact our lives, who are responsible for smooth functioning of the world should be honoured every day. The mothers, leaders, social workers, artists, etc deserve every bit of respect and gratitude the world has to offer.

History would incorporate Her-story too

Chronicles of history have been written with the valour of men and how they changed tides of the world. History has always been biased to glorify men and the patriarchy but if the women stood up for themselves, then history itself would have to re-write its course. Little girls all over the globe will have female leaders as inspiration. His-story will include Her-story as well.

Gender pay gap will no longer exist

For every dollar a man earns, women only make 77 cents all over the world. These alarming statistics are a stark reality for women who work just as hard and just as much as their male counterparts, yet they earn less than them. Pay gap induced by gender is unjust and evil.

A place where a woman’s work would be regarded as significant as man’s work would demolish the gender pay gap.

Everyone would become a FEMINIST

Feminist is a person who believes both women and men should have equal social, economic and political rights. If the entire world embraced feminism then sexism would not prevail. Gender bias has hindered women for centuries but if every woman stood up for herself then no oppressive force could hold her down.

Sexual violence against women would decline

Women all over the world have been subjected to various hate crimes including the heinous sexual violence. Globally, it is estimated that 35% women undergo sexual violence including sexual harassment at least once in their life. A large number of sexual violence cases go unreported due to the taboo, shame and trauma associated with the victim of this crime. If more cases are reported then stringent actions would be taken by the authorities to minimise this evil crime.

Women would just be leaders too

The year-long conditioning of the world reduced women into a stereotype. Leaders are respected with a stature of admiration worldwide. When a man leads he is simply a Leader, whereas when a woman leads, she is deemed a Female Leader. The stark bias on the basis of gender depicts the subconscious conditioning of our psyche.

Women were nurtured with the belief that they don’t have to stand up for themselves. A man will speak for them, cater for them and even provide for them. For ages, women accepted that as their fate. However, the tides have turned and they have been turning ever since a woman defied the norm, raised her voice against bias and stood up for herself. A whole new world awaits for us if every woman will stand up and speak up for herself.

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