When She Met Narendra Modi Ji

When She Met Narendra Modi Ji

Greatest personalities in this universe are the most humble people we know of!   ‘Narendra Modi Ji’, a living legend, and a prime example of a rags to riches story is one such person. Feministaa received a real life experience, by a lady from Hyderabad, who happened to meet Mr. Narendra Modi.

She was so awestruck and inspired by his aura, that she chose to write about it! And we decided to immediately publish it!

Vandana Pai, an ikebana instructor and a partner at the Puzzolana group of companies recently met the prime minister of our country and this how she expressed her  meeting with this personality.

“Tamanē malēnē manē anē mārā parivāra nē bahu anand thayo”

 Here’s her letter after meeting Modi Ji

Recently I had the honour of meeting the prime minister of our country, Narendra Modiji. I just wanted to share a personal account of how humble, awe-inspiring and genuine this common man is.

We met the prime minister in his room at noon in a fairly busy parliament. I was awe struck with his aura of peace and composure. When we got our appointment with him, I thought he would be extremely busy and move to his next appointment instantly but on the contrary, he spent nearly 15 minutes talking to each one of us in the room about how we could reach our full potential and grow; and in turn bring prosperity to India.

He had an over-powering persona and yet was so approachable and humble. He instantly made us comfortable, stood for a photo and welcomed our bouquet with ease and confidence. For a gentleman who is leading the country with the largest democracy he was nonchalant and composed. He asked us as to how we could contribute to make in India, skill development program and swach bharat abhiyan.

I noticed that he, Modiji, has a great connect with the common man. From selling tea to becoming the chief minister of Gujarat, he has shown tremendous zeal to execute his dream. He has broken down many strong dead ideals and habits associated with bureaucracy to drive growth. It appeared that his aim was to tirelessly steer the 125 crore people of this nation to make India a super power.

Following this meet was his Independence Day speech where he not only talked about making India digital but also about how by our 75th year as a Nation, each and every one of us would have the power and desire to contribute a small action for our country that would lead to greatness.

Only a 15 minute meeting with him has given me so much energy that I to want to add some value. I can only imagine and hope for the great change that he is capable of creating for us.

Yes! He is not conventional and is being more unilateral in his promise of growth and we as Indians should support this dynamic leader. His style of work reminds me of this poem by Dr. Rabindranath Tagore:

“Where the mind is without fear

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way

Into ever-widening thought and action

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

Friends, this ode is just to cherish and thank the great leader who has a vision and dream for India; and we should all support him to awaken our nation towards great success, that takes all the 125 core people in it to reach their full potential. 

After reading this, every Indian should be more than proud of this iconic personality and ‘We’ as Feministaa are obliged to include this content on this inspiring leader.

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