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When she wears the Pants !!

When she wears the Pants !!

Success and ambition are not reserved for men. Every individual deserves to be successful if he/she works hard for it. From the times, when women were not even allowed to be educated to today’s scenario, where women are financially independent, a huge wave of change is witnessed in people’s perspective and thinking. It’s not just that women are more bent towards being financially independent, but also towards having a hold on everything possible around them. One might think of it as being dominating or even being egoistic, but, it’s attractive and men love it, till the time it’s balanced.

A women in charge of the relationship has a strong hold on various aspects including trying to make it work and how. From the bed to the office, she knows it all. Although, some men love it when the women takes control in the bed but not always. This is because, when it actually happens, he might try to regain control, which is absurd. While in daily life, she knows the pros and cons of her controlling nature, but evaluates wisely before taking decisions, unlike most men who take a step and then think about it. She does not want to hurt the guy’s self respect so a tint of femininity in her actions is always present.

She is powerful yet she makes the guy feel in power when required. Sometimes, it could hurt the so-called ‘male ego’. She knows how to shatter it and at the same time stabilize it, if and when required. She thinks like a man but takes decisions like a woman, that’s the beauty of being a woman in pants.

PC :

He might think that she is too controlling and her power is taking over the relationship. But, he should not take her as competition and fight over it. He should know that his masculinity is intact no matter what her actions convey. She does not aim to be the man in the relationship but her control and hold on things is part of her strong personality, which he should appreciate and accept.

So, there should be no offense taken. The power struggle might be felt initially, but the game is played from both angles. The movie, “big fat wedding” had a very interesting phrase, “if men are the heads, women are the necks”. She has the control of the head after all, and can turn it wherever she feels like it.

If the man is attracted to a power hungry woman, he needs to be a bit submissive in nature himself or his survival is a question mark. If he tries to compete for power, he might fail miserably and that could result in the falling apart of the relationship. He should try not to get into the power struggle and amicably settle issues while, respecting her opinions and perspective. Respect is a major factor, which drives the relationship, no matter who is in power. The guy needs to understand the controlling personality and play along to get what he wants.


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