What makes him happy ?

What makes him happy ?

A new relationship, or a long distance one or even a married one, each and every relationship requires efforts from both sides to make it work. Happiness drives the relationship and makes it stronger because if one is not happy with the relationship, one looks for substitutes, which can add the happiness back into the relationship. But, why to go for the alternatives , when there are some simple ways by which you can keep him happy?

There are little things, which he will appreciate. 

TIP #1

Appreciate his work and even discuss about his future endeavors. He wants his companion to be fully aware of his current status and his future plans. Also, competition in career goals is not what is healthy for a relationship. Competition with colleagues is important and required to keep the drive to excel alive, but he doesn’t want the same competition at home. He wants her to become his confidante and not a competitor.


The fact that she is an independent individual is not only attractive, but also good for the financial stability of the family. Even, if it’s not a substantial financial contribution, he is happy that she is not entirely reliable on him for everything and has a standing of her own. Creating an identity is an attractive trait.   Especially in today’s times, a guy would never want his wife to be an unproductive person wandering around just to kill time.


She should value his friends just like her own. He doesn’t want to be with a selfish person who just cares about her social life and not his. She should be actively involved in his friends group also.


She should take care of herself. The Attraction element is not meant to subside within two years of the relationship. Some women are great at taking this element for granted and end up losing their husbands attention. The truth is that he still wants her to look beautiful and dress up for him. Just because she spends too much time with him, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t expect her to look good and work on her looks. Well, its vice versa. She should encourage him as well to keep fit and keep the spark alive.


Just after having a baby, it’s seen that the she has only one goal in life. Yes, it’s a life changing moment for her, but she cannot give it all away at once. Here, comes a time when she is so involved with the child that he feels like a third person. That’s when he wants an escape route,  which could result in him getting into the wrong things. She cannot make him feel that the world starts and ends with the baby. Make him feel fully wanted and involved with the baby. He should do some share of the work as well but don’t sideline him.


She should respect the difference in preferences. Every individual has different tastes and preferences. Its not possible for the spouse to have exactly similar interests, hence, some compromises are necessary. If he loves thai food, and she loves Japanese, doesn’t mean that she cannot arrange a date at a thai restaurant for him. The attention to detail is what makes the difference. The fact that she tries to love what he loves, makes him happy.


Break the monotony. Once in a while, when life seems to be monotonous, initiate a fun activity. If both are working and there’s just one day available to spend some quality time, plan ahead and plan something to make that day memorable. A stress buster is always needed when exhausted of the same boring routine. A spa day or a bowling day or even a random games night can help in breaking the monotony.


She might realize it late in the relationship, but her happiness is directly proportional to his mental peace and happiness as well. If she is complaining in nature and cribs for petty things all day, he will also display the same behavior. She has to give what she wants. Not that she is required to always be happy, but there are times when she can avoid being a nagger. Constant nagging is a big put off, and anyone will get annoyed if experienced on a daily basis. So, she should try to make him realize that she is a happy person, as this also helps in coping up with marital pressures and work stress.

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