Why Detachment is a bliss ?

Saints and sages have always imparted us godly wisdom. One of the most common teachings is the art of detachment. Detachment is not refraining yourself from all the good things around you or giving up on the pleasures of life.

It is a smart way of living life without the fear of losing the things, which you once loved.

Give everything around you a timeline, from your favorite piece of jewelry to your best friend. Imbibe within your system that the temporary nature of life is something you need to accept, so that when you lose your possession, it’s more like a breeze and not a burden.

Detachment is a feeling of not letting the possessions possess you.

Why is it needed today?

Blair Woldorf, said, “ You need to be cold to be a queen”. A statement that is true, in a lot of ways. If a queen is attached to everything and everyone, she cannot live her life happily ever after. Hence, being cold and detached makes one stronger from within.

We are living in a scenario where money has no value till the time one is able to use it and people have no value until they substantiate their existence. Also, life is uncertain and unfair. One road accident or a mere heart attack of a loved one could take away one’s mental peace and leave them in a state of depression.

Detachment is not about not being able to be love fully, but, being able to love and let go.

One will realize that attaching your happiness to objects and people was never a good idea. Attachment to one’s work and passion can be a blissful choice.

How can one do it?

It is easier said than done, but caring less is a great way of not letting drama have a space in one’s life. The less one cares about things, lesser the stress and lesser the drama. One will realize that the more they care and worry over petty issues, the more annoyed they will get in their daily life.

Buddha said, “You only lose what you cling to”.

When one clings on to something, one gets their emotions deeply attached to it. The mind, body and soul becomes habitual of that possession. This habit becomes a mere disease and one cannot imagine their life without it. But, what if it’s gone? How to cope up with the loss? This is the reason why clinging on to anything will just make one vulnerable to having an emotional breakdown and losing one’s inner strength.

One should learn to forget what has left them. Take it as a life lesson learnt but do cherish the memories. Life gives us a handful of beautiful memories and one cannot let others ruin them.

Detachment is also a form of positive spiritual growth.

The more one adapts oneself to a non-involving, non-attachment kind of scenario, the more one matures spiritually. Detachment doesn’t bring one closer to God, but it definitely results in being closer to one’s inner self. It is said that the last stage of detachment results in being a narcissist because it’s all about them. They just think about their wellbeing and their happiness. Nothing else matters to them and nothing else can influence their thinking. This could either work in favor of them or completely go against them. When it goes against them, it could turn into a state of loneliness. On the other hand, the positive aspect would be a carefree, stress free life with no emotional linkages.

If one practices detachment at an early age, it could result in a peaceful and stress free old age and also reduce the possibility of a severe mid life crisis.


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