An Open Letter : “Marriage Will Come Eventually”

An Open Letter : “Marriage Will Come Eventually”

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. Well, Over the foot stomping and doors banging there’s not much of a provision for an informed debate, Is there?

Well, I apologize.

I know I’ve grown up (More’s the pity) and have become a strong willed career woman. A bit obnoxious and proud at times. And I don’t listen as much to you as much I did earlier. I’ve become confident in myself, mom and dad. I guess every time you dropped me to school, the pat you gave me on my shoulders. The way you told me to “Go get them champ!”, each time I ran the school races. The way you looked deep into my eyes and told me to be strong when I cried. The way you guys smiled proudly and hugged me at my all successes, little or huge. That’s everything that I would really blame it on.

It was you, Not me. That made me into a woman.

And I feel successful.

I feel complete.

Where does this strange man come in to complete me?

Oh well, now I know you guys will bring out the big guns of this bourgeois society (inserted this word to confuse you guys). Anyways,the GIRL/AGE issue. The thing about me being a girl and old enough now. Well guys, I don’t remember you ever treating me different than a son. Then why start now? Unfair my homies.

How can I decide to bring in a new person into my life while I still don’t know who I am. Everyday I discover things about me. I want to discover myself. I want to travel, I want to laugh, I want to sing. Shouldn’t I find myself before finding a guy?

Will this man let me fulfill myself as much I can myself?

Okay, Okay. Now you’ll tell me this is how life works. I need to start a new life. A stable one with a home,kids and all the responsibilities that come with it. But, I have a life already. I have you guys,I have my friends.I have my job. I have my own money, I have my home. I am supporting myself. And I am living. On my conditions. On my terms.

Will the diamonds this guy buys me be shinier than the ones I’ve bought myself?

Now, I’m not saying I don’t want to fall in love. Seriously, I’ve grown up looking at you guys. I know what you guys mean to each other. I remember you hugging dad when we lost Grana. It was the first time I saw him cry but he had you holding him tight. My sister and I couldn’t be what we are today if we didn’t have the wall you guys have made for us as the world’s strongest couple. I still remember you guys group hugging me each time I felt lost. I want my partner and me to be the same for my kids. I demand the same trust,the same understanding. I want love too,mom and dad.

Is this arrangement guaranteed to give me that?

Well, I know you guys must be welling up by now. And telling me how right I am. Like always. That’s just one of my extraordinary talents.

Will this guy be as awesome as me?

Give me time, mom and dad.
I know I will fall in love someday.
That is the day I’ll tell you guys I want to get married.
Because I love you guys already.

Contributed by: Bhavna Sharma

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