Why is it better to Marry Late than Marry Wrong ?

Why is it better to Marry Late than Marry Wrong ?

The society is bound to pressurise us for things that are meant to happen if not now then later. There are milestones in everyone’s life like going to school, attending college, getting married and having a kid, but all at the right age. Its sad that rather than us, actually trying to explore our own lives, we have become mere puppets of the expectations of the society and we literally do as per the rules they set.

But why ? Why do we need to follow the rules when we have been privileged enough to live our own lives. If it’s my life, then why live it as per others?

People who defy the traditional societal norms are either called Rebels or they are outcasted because of their broad thinking processes. But, these are the people who live their lives fully and true to their own expectations.

Marriage is the most talked about and the most vulnerable institution. A marriage  could either help you grow or it  could completely break you down. Its a life changer and how you handle the pressures of being in a relationship, is completely up to you. Getting married to the right person at the right age might not happen to everyone. But, its true that once you do, you should believe in the relationship and handle it with utmost care.

After all, its companionship of a lifetime.

It is important to marry the right person rather than marrying the wrong person at the right age. The bubble of having everything right at the right time is more like a societal expectation which might or might not be real. The happiness of being with the right companion is much real than following a time bound expectation. Well, there is no definition of the wrong or the right person in actual, but we know when it’s a compromise and when its not.

The wrong companion can make you suffer and later,  you realise how much time have you wasted while trying to make something right which you always knew was wrong. Circumstances do change people but at times, people are not able to cope up with the circumstances. It is important that you don’t start living with the expectation that the wrong person will be transformed overtime and become the right person. The right person is the one who is supportive, caring, loyal and trustworthy. He is worth the wait, don’t settle for someone who will make you regret your decision.

Don’t be time bound regarding the most important decision of your life. Its true that time does not wait for anyone but, don’t let this be your biggest fear. Your biggest fear should be not living your life as per your own terms. The true state of happiness is achieved when your mind, body and soul are in sync and they create the most beautiful harmony of being at peace with each other. This feeling is priceless and let that come naturally, without putting yourself through a compromising situation.  Let your decision of choosing a companion be based on your true instincts and not on any time factor.


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