Why Love Makes You Cautious ?

Why Love Makes You Cautious ?

Love might be the most beautiful feeling to be experienced, but it brings with itself the most harsh circumstances.

When you are in love, your sparkling eyes seem to view everything in the most animated version. You suddenly start believing in fairy tales and you have already imagined yourself as the beautiful damsel and your partner as your true love. When it comes to your relationship, you become protective about your boyfriend , insecurities surround you and you are more cautious with your actions. What you do and how you behave has a direct impact on your relationship as well. Sometimes, the places where you choose to eat and your whereabouts are all guided and pre decided on the basis of his likes and dislikes.

When you choose to be with someone, you choose to alter your life according to the needs of the relationship.

People will judge you for the way you handle your relationship, your loyalty standards, your trust issues and your insecurities. So, its not wrong to say that love does make you cautious.

The bed of roses comes with some pricks after all and only you know how much pain are you ready to afflict upon yourself.


The cautious nature of love is like an alert alarm, it keeps you on your toes. The expectations from your spouse are more like “mandatory measures” to sustain the relationship. These expectations make a big part of the relationship because what you do for one another is a direct reflection of how you feel about each other. Love comes with a burden of a huge set of certain expected “packets of love” which are either material or emotional. Some people are just too needy emotionally and the only fodder their soul feeds on would be through heart to heart conversations every now and then. Others want material fodder to be content with their relationships. For them, their lifestyle and living standards are of prime importance, even more important than love. The fulfilment of their needs from a lifestyle point of view are enough to make them feel satisfied with their relationships.


Yes , you will be judged upon and you won’t even get to know about it. The society will judge your relationship. There will be comparisons and judgements alongside. The lesser you care, the better it is. You don’t need to pay heed to what the society thinks about you or your relationship, but the truth is that when two people are in love and are vocal about their relationship, the people around you are judging you alongside.

Do they actually love each other, or they are faking it ?

Is she with him for the money ?

They look kinda frustrated. Are they having enough sex?

She doesn’t look happy. Is he treating her nicely ?

Why didn’t she come with him? Are they fighting over that girl again ?

A million assumptions are made by the society, Some could turn out to even to be true but some are just creations of curiosity.

Sometimes, what people think about your relationship might hurt your sentiments and affect the working of the relationship.The way you see things will be very different from how people perceive your relationship but its on you how much you let the societal judgements affect your personal life.Being cautious is not wrong, but don’t create guidelines and standards.

Don’t let comparisons, expectations and judgements make you a victim. This will spoil your relationship and you won’t even get to know when and how but you will feel it.

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