Women Who Faced a Media Trial and Came Out Stronger

Women Who Faced a Media Trial and Came Out Stronger

Media is the fourth pillar of democracy. It holds the power to mold opinions, disrobe scams and bring truth to light. But what happens when the same press becomes a game of numbers and TRPs? Ethics go down the drain, journalism becomes a service to self and propaganda becomes the new prerogative.

I welcome you to the death of ethical journalism where scapegoats are framed to serve political agenda and journalists become the judge, jury and God. 

A trial by media is the unlawful practice where the news adorns the robe of the judge and jury to pass judgement over a case before a verdict is given by the court. The obstruction of justice in the name of breaking news is not just unethical but inhumane as well.

Time immemorial women are tested by society with trials for their mere existence. From Sita to the Queen of England, no one is spared dignity or any rights to privacy whether they committed a crime or not.

Here are women who faced the wrath of a trial by media, yet came out unscathed and strong!


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