5 Tips to a Healthy You in 2016 !!

5 Tips to a Healthy You in 2016 !!

Avoiding junk food is not the only prerequisite to a healthy lifestyle. However, what we eat otherwise, which is Indian food, too has its own shortcomings. Every year, our new year resolution revolves around fitness and a healthy diet but how many of us actually follow it?

For example, almost all the Indian curries are made from ghee and butter. It should be noted that when ghee is consumed at a level above 10 percent of the total calories, it might increase the risk of cardiovascular cancer.

Let’s follow these 5 guidelines to make 2016 look a little slimmer for you:

1.  Skip soft drinks, have buttermilk instead 

Although, as the name suggests, butter milk is believed to have high amount of fat, but it is actually very low in fat. It contains approximately 100 calories and 2gms fat per cup. Soft drinks on the other hand, although taste good, have very high content of sugar, which can lead to obesity and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Consuming large quantities of sugar elevates your blood glucose levels and its consumption on a daily basis can lead to an onset of non-insulin dependent diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Thus, in order to have a healthy meal, start replacing soft drinks with healthier choices.

2.  Choose dal over curry 

It is hard to come across an Indian household which does not believe in making “dal” in its daily meal. We should be aware of the fact that curries might taste way too delicious yet they come with huge amount of ghee, oil and butter, which beyond a certain level is dangerous for one’s health. On the other hand, having dals in your meals, not only reduces the amount of fat consumed favourably but is extremely beneficial.

For example, “moong ki dal” has minimal calorie content and is even a rich source of iron and potassium. Also, “bengal gram dal”, is a healthy option as it helps in keeping diabetes at bay and is the richest vegan source of dietary products. Another dal in the list would be “masoor dal”, which helps in blood circulation in the body. Also, there are huge varieties of dal to chose from, including “kabooli dal” which helps in increasing the haemoglobin levels as it is rich in iron and folic acid as well as “urad dal” which has one of the richest sources of protein and vitamin B.

3.  Pre dinner snacks ? Try out some salads instead 

Its hard to resist our temptation for foods such as french fries, momos, noodles or namkeen before our dinner.  They are delicious, no doubt, but again they just add empty calories to your body. For examples, there are 35 calories per momo, which can be harmful if you go wild eating the whole plate of momos.

However, in order to keep it light, its always advisable to have salads, as salads provide us with fibre which helps in lowering our cholesterol levels and prevents constipation. As it is a combination of various fruits and vegetables, there is nothing more healthier you can ask for ! Eating lots of fruits and vegetables provide your body with different vitamins and nutrients and also decreases the chances of having cancer.

4.  Your new found best friend – The bowl of yummy soup !!

Soups, like salads, are found to be in a great variety. Its  an ideal option, as it is a combination of all the vegetables we require to maintain a balanced diet. In addition to this, having a bowl of soup has an extra benefit from a weight and fluid retention perspective; soups that have a base of leeks, onions and celery which are high in the mineral potassium content. Potassium helps in binding excess sodium and even helps in getting rid of excess fluid. Sometimes, our face looks bloated, this is due to a high-sodium diet and lack of activity.

5. Have Rotis instead of paranthas 

Rotis made of wheat and other flours are more nutritious and have rich vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B6 and B9 which keeps us strong and healthy.  A roti adds only 60 calories to our body whereas a paratha adds calories up to 290. Paranthas are healthy as they are made from wheat , however when cooked in oil and eaten with butter, they tend to increase the fat content.

These are some simple yet necessary changes which should be implemented in your traditional Indian meal. You will notice how these small changes reflect positively in your weight and increase your activity levels. A healthy lifestyle will make you a positive person resulting in a newer, happier you.

Happy 2016 !! Say yes to healthy eating 🙂 

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