A Mere “Casual” Kiss

A kiss of true love which woke up sleeping beauty from her curse has always been immensely inspirational!

Many girls still believe that a kiss is that magical! It tells girls, what they want to know about the man and the relationship! Such is the power of something considered so pure and pristine, its the magical kiss!

This kiss has evolved overtime to be a part of the casual culture now.

A kiss doesn’t mean that you are in love
A kiss doesn’t mean that “he is the one”

The magical rare kiss which was once a symbol of true love and affection is now a mere casual act.  

Well, everyone has a special connect with their first kiss. Its a memory which cannot shun away from your mind ever. Its beautiful and girls always remember that special boy. The first sign of affection from the opposite sex which made you feel like a girl. The touch of his lips were like no other. He made you feel magical.

I wish that a kiss was as powerful as it once was. It was the only reason why I still love watching the last scene of “Sleeping Beauty”.

It still instills the hope of an existence of a tint of fairy tale in one’s life.

The charming prince, the passionate kiss and her tumultuous journey made a special part of our childhood stories. We all have grown up waiting for the prince, the kiss and the castle ( that ain’t coming!). But is it as special now ?

If a boy kisses a girl , does it mean they are in love ?

Well no it doesn’t. Does it mean anything to have any emotional bondages?

Well its a subjective question. Depends on the emotional connectivity between the two people. A relationship might start with a kiss or end just after the kiss or maybe grow after the kiss, its tough to answer. But the true essence of a kiss is experienced when your heart wants it so much that the brain stops thinking. It could be the extreme desire to just be intimate or just a hormonal kick. A mere kiss doesn’t need to make a stand to support its validity. A relationship or not , its circumstantial nature can only be understood by the two people involved. Its a part of the casual culture and no objections are raised and no questions are asked, Whether love or lust, a kiss is just a kiss, nothing more nothing less.

But where’s the magic ? Wheres the love ?

True love is hard to find, but overtime we end up ruining our chances, by adding to the list of “casual kisses”. Believe it or not a study at Michigan University states that the more the number of casual kisses an adult female performs, the lesser are her chances of falling in love!

The Kiss Of Love Movement!

Today, the youth in India has also changed their opinions on a kiss. This peaceful movement, began in Kerala, to spread across the country. Movements like “Kiss Of Love”, have gradually changed people’s perceptions about kissing. Today, the Supreme Court and the Delhi high Court have stated that kissing in public is not considered to be an obscene act. Lawfully no one can initiate proceedings against two people kissing in public.

Maybe a kiss isn’t that magical anymore. Drunk girls on jealousy could kiss, long lost friends could kiss, or maybe two people spending a lot of time together could end up sharing a casual kiss or two! But does a kiss mean the beginning of a new relationship? Possibly no. Relationships are too deep and serious to begin with just a kiss. A kiss has become a way of showing affection in today’s date.

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