A Salute to the mothers of “Special Children”

A Salute to the mothers of “Special Children”

“You call them special, you call them a God’s gift, you call them sacred and pure but these are special children who may be deprived of something but in lieu, they are gifted with things indeed in galore.

They may be different, they may be unique but they are true form of blessings which only dwell in love and kindness unlike us, the puppets of greed.

Let them be serene, let them be dear. Let them be special in their own magical sphere indeed!

Fortunately, being away from tormenting gust of rough waters of mercenary clogs. “

Going down the memory lane, I remember when our home science teacher took us to a rehabilitation centre. At first, I was a little saddened by seeing the state of these “special children” with special needs. They looked like us, still not one of us. They had special chords that sung in their own sweet rhyme. An elated one with innocence of a child, a merry one devoid of any pretense not even for a while.

My teacher always said, “All they need is love”. She always emphasised, “show them love, show them realm of kindness, they will love you back without even a tinge of selfish bitterness”

When I visited them the next time, I was stunned to see that they recognised me. As days went by, we increased our frequency of visits and they became quite attached to me. Quoting a funny incident, once they hid my bag, just to get few more minutes with me. They just wanted to sit and talk just like all of us. The purity of their soul and their innocence was like being exposed to true love. This kind of love is selfless and felt like a cure for all wounds. The blissful feeling of spending time with these pine souls gave me a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Mark Twain said,” Love and kindness are only language that a blind can see and deaf can hear. ‌

The birth of a baby brings with itself a lot of emotion. These emotions are of ensemble of happiness, excitement, amazement and even fear. But, in spite of discovering their special attributes, the mothers of these “special children” accept the challenges which God has bestowed upon them. God also does the needful by blessing such parents with immense strength so that eventually, they feel grateful that god has chosen them to handle a daunting yet special task. Its an opportunity for them to nurture a life which was close to losing its worth and purpose. They work towards making this life worthwhile for them and it takes immense courage and determination.

I respect the increasing efforts by the Government for creating opportunities and providing free education to these special children. A salute to all these parents who accept this fine gift of god and proudly live a devoted life directed towards a greater cause. Actually it’s true, “special children make their mothers special indeed.” They are the true heroes who fight against all odds to give meaning to a special life.

Contributed by: Meha


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