Acceptance and a “Working Indian Woman”

Acceptance and a “Working Indian Woman”

It’s a tough world out there, who would know it better than the “Indian working woman”. Women in India are now trying to bend the rules, and handle a zillion things. Ranging from work, to children, there is a newfound wave in India, amongst women, to “Do it All”. And in turn, now working women are expected to be multi-taskers and ace the balancing act.

Amidst all the chaos, if you plan on being the Indian Working Woman, there are certain things you should be prepared to face:

Snappy Comments

Getting snappy comments from family all the time that you don’t spend time with them. This “time” might even mean attending weddings with them, participating in family kitty dinners and entertaining the “useless relatives” who you would’ve seen ONCE during your wedding.

Now You’re on the Outside

Now, you would find it very difficult to participate in conversations within the family. It might be possible, that the “in-laws” desert you in all the important conversations. This is because now the in-laws have placed you outside the category of immediate family.

Any woman of the house who doesn’t do the needful, is no longer a part of the personal family conversation. But if you decide to give your heart and soul to work, take it with a pinch of salt. Working women in India, must deal with situations like these diplomatically with a smile on their face!

When is the baby coming? 

Conversations regarding popping a kid: For some reason, an indian woman’s career should come after marriage and kids.

There is nothing more important than producing a kid after two years of marriage.

You should be used to giving a justification as to why you want to wait before you become a mother.

Negligence towards your Body

Being out of shape: Sitting in front of the computer all day long is the worst thing for your body, After an exhausted day at work, it’s hard to conserve some energy to hit the gym.

Too much work, also leads to loss of appetite and sometimes overeating as well. Extreme eating habits such as these harm the body. Thus, if you want to work for a long period in your life, you must be prepared to plan out your meals in between all the chaos.

Socialising goes right out of the window! 

Maintaining a normal lifestyle is as it is tough with a heavy work schedule, and most of the social life becomes restricted to family, old friends or business networking.

Gone are the days when you could just chill at a bar, and make new friends and conversations!

Many a time, there is a possibility that your friends who are not in the job market might get frustrated with your bad attendance. Be prepared for it!

Accepting the fact that gender bias and discrimination are a part and parcel of the choice to work in India. Whether it relates to a salary raise, a promotion or selecting the right project, you will be discriminated against. And it isn’t the best option to revolt always.

The solution is very simple. take any successful woman in India, and she would have faced the same situations and problems.

But it is only those women who ignore frivolous situations and comments, and rise above, who are actually able to make something out of their lives.

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