An Influential Instagram Entrepreneur Shares her Trade Secret !!

Rubaina Virani , a home grown entrepreneur talks about her strategy and her journey which started with just an instagram page.

Now, she has a full fledged business where she supplies her products to various vendors and retailers. She started doing her research from the first year of her college. After countless hours of research and talking to different vendors,  she started her online store on Instagram under the name “fashionista_dreamcloset” on 15th January 2014.

“I was 20 and always been a fashion lover and have had a great inclination towards the fashion industry and being a commerce student I had learnt a lot about E-commerce which really fascinated me and so I thought why shouldn’t I combine my passion with my knowledge and start an online business of my own”, says the founder

Today, it’s hard for anyone to survive without being an active part of the E-Commerce industry.  Right from teenagers to working class and even our parents are now on social networking websites purchasing stuff online. It is a huge platform with endless opportunities.

Rubaina says, “ The best part is zero initial investment and no risk”.

Rubaina has now collaborated with many other E-commerce websites and now her products  range from Apparels to handbags to shoes to accessories and even mobile cases.

Generating a legit revenue stream from an Instagram page is no child’s play. It might look easy but it’s a lot of dedication and hard work. Instagram does help one create a market by providing access to a playground of enthusiastic shoppers and fashion lovers, but the real game is much more complicated.  For Rubaina,  one problem that she faced initially was finding good dealers and making contacts to grow the business who can provide her the best quality products. Also, Rubaina thought that finding a good shipping company which was economical and reliable at the same time was a task in itself.

Instagram may be labelled as one of the most “shallow” social media platforms, where one will get followed only if its attractive. So, the law of attraction plays the card here. Growing from numero uno to thousands of followers is a project which every influential Instagram lover would know about. Its more than just putting up pictures everyday, it’s a strategy which all the “pros” follow.

Rubaina says “Just like any other seller on Instagram, even I started following people and asked my friends to follow my page too but the real challenge is retaining those followers so I kept updating my products daily and followed the ongoing trend. I also make sure that I give quick replies to all the customer queries and after placing the order, I try to ship the products as soon as possible this helps me retaining loyal customers”.

From just being a social media fanatic to an entrepreneur is an interesting transformation. Women today have an upper hand in business since they are good negotiators and also really good at engaging with more and more people. The founder says, “It also matters how passionate you are to start something on your own since managing a business requires a lot of passion and hard work but if you love what you do you overcome all the obstacles and I really look forward to grow my business in coming year”.

Thanks Rubaina for sharing your journey with us . We wish you all the very best.

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